Top 10 things to do with kids in Bangalore this weekend (Dec 11 – 13)

Top 10 things to do with kids in Bangalore this weekend (Dec 11 – 13) Cover Image

This weekend, take a musical journey, a walk in the park, write a poem or moo along with cows! Here are BuzzingBubs’ Picks for Bangalore’s best events, workshops and things to do with kids.

A musical journey, a walk with Nature, artsy fun or singing Christmas carols: What’s your pick for this weekend?

One With Nature Cover Image

1 Let your Kids Reconnect with Nature at the 'One With Nature' Carnival

One With Nature is a fun festival where kids and parents have an opportunity to ‘Reconnect with Nature’ through an exciting line up of activities – Adventure sports, Science & Nature, Creative Corner, Nature Walks, Free Story Sessions, Free interactive workshops, Food & Shopping & much more! You sure can’t miss to be part of […]

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Oz – The Ballet Cover Image

2 Be Mesmerised at 'Oz - The Ballet'

h2. About OZ – The Ballet The Wizard of Oz gets a ballet lift in Oz – The Ballet, courtesy The Lewis Foundation of Classical Ballet. The up-in-the-air effect Let the tornado sweep you off to the land of ruby shoes, emerald cities and yellow brick roads at this ballet adaptation of The Wonderful Wizard […]

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Pippin – A Musical Journey of Adventure and Passion Cover Image

3 Don't Miss 'Pippin' - A Musical Journey of Adventure and Passion

Pippin – A Musical Journey of Adventure and Passion tells the story of a young prince who longs to find passion and adventure in his life. To prove his loyalty to his distracted father, King Charles, Pippin goes to war. But when the Leading Player convinces the prince to fight tyranny, Pippin kills Charles and […]

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Kids Art Party Cover Image

4 Enjoy a Riot of Colors at the "Kids Art Party'

h2. About Kids Art Party Kids Art Party where children get a chance to enhance their creativity on canvas through painting and sketching.There are loads of fun activities for them to participate in where they get to make new friends and have a great art experience. The workshop provides the material which includes canvas, paint […]

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Creative toys : Special offer from Full of Toys! Cover Image

5 Go toy shopping for Christmas

Christmas is almost here and getting that perfect gift for kids can be tough. Check out our special, exclusive 25% discount on creative games from Full of Toys!

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Paths Ahead Cover Image

6 Allow your child to rediscover themselves at the 'Paths Ahead' Guidance Program

Paths Ahead is a guidance program for 12-16 year olds that starts with children with a good conversation about themselves and their future. It helps children understand themselves, the various worlds of work and helps them go deeper in a world of interest. It is activity and discussion based, highly participative and child-centric. It is […]

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Vanilla Spice Cake Art Cover Image

7 Enrol our Li'l Bakers for the Vanilla Spice Cake Art Workshop

Vanilla Spice Cake Art believe in allowing your child and his/her friends come together to design their own cakes, especially cupcake making which is most definitely a better bet for their little hands. The kids will be able to take away their own creations home and taste their efforts. The workshop covers the fun concepts […]

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How Cow Now Cow – Children’s Play Cover Image

8 Lend an empathetic ear to “Rosamma”

This is a play performed by children. Set in a farm, it tells a story about an angry cow, Rosamma, using a non-judgemental tone.

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Airplane Poetry Movement Cover Image

9 Calling all our Li'l Poets to the 'Airplane Poetry Movement'

h2. About Airplane Poetry Movement Airplane Poetry Movement is a project to discover and develop the best Spoken Word talent. The event will consist of a workshop and a poetry slam. The workshop will be designed to introduce people to the concept of Spoken Word Poetry. The slam will be a competition between Spoken Word Poets […]

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5 easy Christmas craft ideas for kids Cover Image

10 Spend the weekend creating your own christmas decorations

Christmas will soon be upon us! Here's a child-friendly activity to keep your kids happily busy these Christmas holidays.

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