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Timeless Wisdoms from Ancient India

Timeless Wisdoms from Ancient India

Genwise brings to you this amazing online course on Timeless Wisdoms from Ancient India by Roopa Pai. An entry-level introduction to bright young minds on the luminous lessons on equality, success, happiness, competition, mindfulness and more contained in Ancient Indian texts, through interactive discussions. From unearthing frequently asked questions on the Vedas, the Upanishads, and the Bhagvad Gita to many other such intriguing facts will be explored in this course, while providing a background and context to the time and social situation in which the texts were first conceived.

How have these texts, which weren’t even written down for over a thousand years after they were composed, stood the test of time? What makes them so popular not just with Indians or Hindus but with people of other cultures, religions and geographies? Why, and more importantly, how are the ideas and lessons they contain still so relevant to our 21st century world? And, last but not the least, why is it important that children be introduced to them? Explore many such questions during this course.

The program has been designed to keep things fresh, engaging and fun while encouraging questioning, seeking, and self-reflection. 


For more information or to register for the program reach out to us at +91-9945003337 or write to us