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‘Tiddlers’ Parent Toddler Programme

About ‘Tiddlers’ Parent Toddler Programme

‘Tiddlers’ Parent Toddler Programme is designed to nurture the bond between parent and child, while strengthening the child’s development. They offer a special partnership to parent and child with structured and unstructured activities which revolve around the learning goals of the EYFS curriculum. Activities include baby piccaso, moving and grooving, heuristic play, sensory treats, early minglers, emotional regulation, self esteem and confidence building.

The Repton Tiddler programme links into four prime areas of development and will give parents a chance to observe what children are  learning from each of these areas of development.

  • Personal, social, emotional development (PSED)
  • Cognition, Language and Communication
  • Physical Development
  • Creativity and Imagination