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Tickles & Tales

About Tickles & Tales

Tickles & Tales

Aarti Kathpalia, a¬†former primary school teacher for more than seven years found her “PASSION” missing and wanted to revive the almost extinct art of storytelling and puppetry with a contemporary twist. She found her calling and is now the founder of Tickles & Tales, a delightful initiative that weaves together her love for children and puppetry into a colourful tapestry of stories.

Tickles & Tales is 2 years old now and believes in entertainment, fun and just letting go!

Services offered

Tickle & Tales caters to birthday parties, play dates, schools, activity centres, libraries, carnivals, kids events at companies and NGOs too. A half- hour story session includes fun elements of drama, music and dance.

Meet Tickles & Tales’ most favourite character puppets

  1. Mr.Tickles – Who loves to tickle the kids
  2. Mrs.Tales – Who loves to tell Tales
  3. Mr.Tackle – Who loves to tackle kids with questions about a story
  4. Mrs.Tinkle – Who likes to sing rhymes with the kids
Age Group
3 yrs+
  • Half an hour Puppet Show only

    Upto 15 kids: Rs.5750/- | Upto 25 kids: Rs.7750/- | Upto 35 kids: Rs.10750/- | Upto 50 kids: Rs.12750/- | Upto 75 kids: Rs15750/- | Upto 100 kids: Rs.20750/-
  • One hour show: Puppet show and Craft Activity (Individual Craft Kits will be given to every child) OR Puppet Show and 2 games

    Upto 20 kids-Rs.7750/- | Upto 25 kids: Rs.10750/- | Upto 35 kids: Rs.13750/- | Upto 50 kids: Rs.18750/-

Booking Tickles & Tales for a party

How to book?
To book an event please call and block the date.
Full Package Payment must be done prior to the event in advance. Tickles & Tales products will be available for sale at the event, all proceeds from the sale of products go to the Cancer Kids at the Hospitals.