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ThinkBox Children’s Library

About ThinkBox Children’s Library

ThinkBox Library is first of its kind where you can rent books, toys and Cd’s for children in the age group of 1 to 16 years. It has a huge collection of books, CDs, toys and games . There are over 6500+ Children’s books spanning various genres and age groups. Free home delivery service available for members within 2 km radius of the library. Thinkbox library also has play zone for toddlers and Do It Yourself activities for young kids. Thinkbox library also conducts lot of activities for kids of all age group.

Book Library at ThinkBox Children’s Library

Age group
1 to 16 years
Over 6,500 Children's books spanning various genres and age groups
Facility Details
✓ Restrooms✓ Parking✓ Kid-friendly Furniture✓ Reading Corner

Types of books

Early Readers
✓ Alaphabet Books✓ Baby Books✓ Bedtime Stories✓ First Books✓ Nursery Rhymes✓ Picture Books✓ Picture Story Books✓ Toddler Books✓ Touch & Feel Books
School going kids
✓ Action & Adventure✓ Bedtime Stories✓ Beginning Readers✓ Board Books✓ Chapter Books✓ Concept Books✓ Counting Books✓ Dictionaries✓ Easy Readers✓ Encyclopaedias✓ Fairy Tales✓ First Books✓ Holiday Books✓ Informational Books✓ Knowledge Books/ Series✓ Math✓ Middle Grade✓ Rhyming Books/ Rhythmic Books
Teens & above
✓ Action & Adventure✓ Art✓ Auto Biographies✓ Biography✓ Comic✓ Cook Books✓ Dictionaries✓ Drama✓ Encyclopaedias✓ Fables✓ Fantasy✓ Folk Tales/ Folklore✓ Guide✓ Historical Fiction✓ History✓ Illustration Books✓ Informational Books✓ Knowledge Books/ Series E.G.: Time Life✓ Math✓ Modern Fantasy✓ Myths✓ Poetry & Drama✓ Religious Books✓ Romance✓ Science Fiction✓ Self Help✓ Traditional Literature✓ Transition Books✓ Travel✓ Trilogies

Membership details

Membership Plan

They have 5 plans:

Bookstar: 3 books can be borrowed at a time.

Playful: 3 books + 1 toy or CD can be borrowed at a time.

All rounder: 2 books + 2 toys + 1 Cd can be borrowed at a time.

Family Fun: 8 books can be borrowed at a time and can change it every 2 weeks.

Vacation: This plan allows the children to take membership only for a month with unlimited reading and playing option.

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