Exciting things to do with kids in Bangalore this weekend – Feb 19th, 20th & 21st

Exciting things to do with kids in Bangalore this weekend – Feb 19th, 20th & 21st Cover Image

Calling all active families! Plan your weekend NOW! BuzzingBubs’ picks for Bangalore’s 10 best things to do with kids this weekend are here.

If you’re looking for exciting things to do with kids in Bangalore this weekend or any weekend for that matter, BuzzingBubs is your best bet. Every week BuzzingBubs curates and selects the best events, activities, workshops, carnivals and things-to-do in the city.

Here are 10 uber-cool workshops & activities for this weekend selected just for you by our team. Choose from a camp out, some story sessions, a quiz, a heritage walk and so much more!

Organic Gardening Workshop Cover Image

1 Dig up some fun at a gardening workshop by Little Green Horns

Organic Gardening Workshop is a gardening workshop conducted by Little Green Horns to introduce children to the wonders of gardening and environmental issues. h3. Activities included are * Teaching kids basics of gardening through activities * Germination/Sprouting * Need and care of plants * Kitchen to garden concept – Easy veggies to grow * Best […]

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Open Streets OMG Cover Image

2 Enjoy a traffic-free, fun-filled day at M.G. Road

Experience Bangalore’s oldest hub and hangout in its full bloom this spring! Get ready for Open Streets OMG. A never-seen-before no-traffic day at M.G Road! h3. Lots of see at Open Streets OMG * Kids Zone * Fun and Games * Skateboarding * Cycling * Entertainment * Shopping * Flea Market * Food Trucks Breathe […]

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Mother Tongue Potpourri Cover Image

3 Fall back in love with your Mother tongue this International Mother Language Day!

Mother Tongue Potpourri is a event organized on the  account of International mother language day, where particpants can listen to stories in Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali and Hindi, interspersed with English translations. Rhymes and repetitious phrases in the stories will help in picking up commonly used words in these languages. So all are welcome […]

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Mini Family Mini Campout Cover Image

4 Spend a night camping out with your kids

Need some time away from the city and in the lap of Nature? This camp out with the family is just what the doctor ordered. Relax, refresh and rejuvenate yourself with a walk through the forest and camping under the night sky.

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The Crooked Crow Cover Image

5 Let stories lead the way through the Pachaihara forest at Easy Lib

The Crooked Crow is a story telling session where young, old and the ageless are invited to be a part of the Pachaihara forest where story tellers regale participants with stories, craft activities, games and more. Author A.R. Sara and Storyteller Priya of Storipur team up with EasyLib Koramangala to bring you this fun filled […]

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Young World Quiz Competition Cover Image

6 Put on your thinking caps - the hunt for the youngest smart minds has begun!

The Young World Quiz Competition is a hunt for India’s smartest young minds. This is a great opportunity for children to discover their potential and have chance to compete with the best. h2. Highlights * A team should consist of two members and any bona fide team from a school can take part by registering […]

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An Evening of Pourquoi Tales Cover Image

7 Unravel the mysteries behind the Hows & Whys with Storywallahs

An Evening Of Pourquoi Tales is an event where stories make you wonder about the Hows and the Whys. So if you find yourself wondering as to ‘Why does the bear have a short stumpy tail?’ and ‘How the tortoise got the scales on the shell?’ then this session is ideal for minds with great […]

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Playjams Inside Outside Emotions Cover Image

8 Build curiosity and a maker mentality in your child

Playjam’s are collaborative play sessions for parents & children designed to build curiosity and build a maker mentality in children. Each session focuses on a new topic. This week they are dealing with ‘Inside Out Emotions’ which mainly features emotions and storytelling. There will be an extensive discussion on feelings and how to handle them […]

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The Boy And Dragon Stories Cover Image

9 Be entranced by Vikram Sridhar's magical storytelling

The Boy And Dragon is a dramatic storytelling session below a tree , surrounded by green grass and a lake not too far away. Set outdoors children get the opportunity to listen to story teller Vikram Sridhar narrate tales from the magical lands about dragons and tales from another time and so come on and discover […]

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ArtTripping Cover Image

10 Discover the rich cultural heritage of Karnataka with Art Tripping

Art Tripping is an event which presents an opportunity for children to get exposed to the rich folk heritage of Karnataka. An enriching discovery of folk art & culture, the trip to Janapada Loka offers an exciting treasure hunt amidst museum exhibits, a hands-on workshop on leather puppetry by Rereeti Revitalizing Museum and a rare opportunity to […]

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