12 Exciting Kids Events this Weekend! November 10th – 11th, 2018

12 Exciting Kids Events this Weekend! November 10th – 11th, 2018 Cover Image

Need ideas to head out with the kids this weekend? We’re here! We know exactly what you need, be it workshops, camp outs, storytelling sessions and more.

Enjoy the weekend, parents! Let us help you make the most of it! BuzzingBubs is your go-to guide for things to do with kids in Bangalore and the best activities for kids in Bangalore. Events in Bangalore for kids? Workshops for teens? Fun for the family? It’s all here!

Are your kids still reeling from the Diwali celebrations? There are a host of activities across the city that will give your kids a much-needed break from the intensity of the week gone by. The 30-day PlayInNature challenge is still on! For more time in the greens, try the family camp, a day trip to the organic farm or immerse yourself in the green outdoors at Lalbagh! Don’t miss the internationally acclaimed marionette puppet show, a creating writing workshop for kids,  an endearing afternoon listening to stories from the yesteryears and other magical storytelling sessions.

This weekend is a great time to unwind with the family and reconnect with the things you love. Scroll through and pick your favourite from the list of events below. Have a happy weekend!

This is a curated list. If you’re looking for specific events in your area, do check here.



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Srishti Camp for Families Cover Image

1 Srishti Camp for Families

Yogi Re’s Srishti Camp for Families is a fun retreat amidst the beauty of nature. The 3 days are packed with activities, yoga, meditation, fun games, organic farming and healthy food. Immerse yourself and reconnect with the environment and your family at this residential program.

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A Day Trip to an Organic Farm Cover Image

2 Enjoy a trip to the farm

Take a farm guided trail on a sprawling 25-acre Organic Farm off Kanakapura Road. Learn about bee keeping and bird watching, organic farming, medicinal plants, water conservation, farm animals and more. Enjoy a day in the outdoors, farm tour by tractor, reconnect with your food and indulge in delicious freshly cooked meals! Everyone needs a dose of green for the soul!

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Growing Up Wild: Nature And Me Cover Image

3 Immerse yourself in the green outdoors

Immerse yourself in nature at Lalbagh with a fun-filled day of climbing trees, running wild, outdoor games and scavenger hunts. Everyone needs a good dose of green!

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Tam-bola with a Twist Cover Image

4 Tam-bola with a Twist

Celebrate Children's Day with stories, crafts, fun and loads of laughter at Cilre. Participate in this fun story-telling session with Tam-bola game in the background.

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When I Was Your Age: Children’s Day Special Cover Image

5 When I Was Your Age: Children’s Day Special

Silver Talkies along with Tale'scope is putting together an interactive storytelling session by seniors for the children of today. Four seniors will share priceless stories of their childhood games, lasting friendships, anecdotes from school and the experiences they have lived through. This special event brings together two generations and gives elders an opportunity to share their best memories with the children.

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Some Some Story – a Puppetry Show Cover Image

6 Some Some Story – a Puppetry Show

PuppeTree presents Some Some Story - an internationally acclaimed marrionette puppet show. A contemporary live puppet show that will take you to a magical world away from your squeaky gadgets. Some Some Story consists of two different stories, Thatha story and Tori story. Don't miss this one!

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Story Yoga: A Very Hungry Caterpillar Cover Image

7 Bend and stretch with Story Yoga

Story Yoga brings kids story adventure with The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle showing the story script with highlighted yoga postures which formulates into a fun filled yoga adventure.

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Children’s Day Story Fun Cover Image

8 Children’s Day Story Fun

There is no better way to learn than through stories! Katha Galatta brings to you the Story Bag, full of song, dance and lots of fun! Come and learn, get inspired, get creative and have an absolute blast!

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Walking In The Jungle Cover Image

9 Walking In The Jungle

This weekend be there for an interactive storytelling session, Walking In The Jungle, by Priya Muthukumar of Storipur based on hugely loved Julia Donaldson's books.

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Creative Writing Workshop for Kids Cover Image

10 Creative Writing Workshop for Kids

This Creative Writing Workshop by Kutuki is exclusively designed for young kids to allow them to write a story as a team and design a character with the help of a senior writer and team of talented illustrators. 

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Fun with Yoga Cover Image

11 Fun with Yoga

The Little Pretzels brings to you a free Fun with Yoga workshop for kids. Yoga benefits all aspects of your life. Little yogis will learn principles on their yoga mats that will help them lead happier, healthier lives off the mat. 

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30 Day PlayInNature Challenge Cover Image

12 30 Day PlayInNature Challenge

Being outdoors is educational in itself. Join LIFE India and GRIN for a 30 Day Play In Nature Challenge! Climb a tree, watch the clouds, walk barefoot on grass or find a leaf with 9 different colours on it! Is it possible? Get outdoors and find out! Join the community on a new outdoor challenge every day!

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