12 Exciting Kids Events this Weekend! 17th Feb to 18th Feb, 2018

12 Exciting Kids Events this Weekend! 17th Feb to 18th Feb, 2018 Cover Image

Need ideas to head out with the kids this weekend? We’re here! We know exactly what you need, be it workshops, camp outs, storytelling sessions and more.

Enjoy the weekend, parents! Let us help you make the most of it! BuzzingBubs is your go-to guide for things to do with kids in Bangalore and the best activities for kids in Bangalore. Events in Bangalore for kids? Workshops for teens? Fun for the family? It’s all here!

It’s a very creative weekend we have in store for you this time! From storytelling workshops and sessions to baking fun, Robotics and even a wellness festival, it’s a treasure trove of experiences! Valentine’s Day may have come and gone, but the events never end! Take your kids shopping. Or maybe make something at one of the workshops! So many things to do and such little time.

Go on, check out all the exciting weekend activities in Bangalore!

This is a curated list. If you’re looking for specific events in your area, do check here.



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Spellbinding Saturdays Cover Image

1 Music to help your child learn

Ever wondered about the confluence of notes and rhythm and their effect on children? At this spellbinding session, Taaqademy teachers will explain exactly how music impacts development and learning.

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Fairytales & Fantasy Stories Cover Image

2 Goblins & Ghosts, witches & wizards galore!

From the old haunt of favourite tales and the land of fantasy comes this storyteller. She is here to delight you with stories that speak of all fairy tale characters. Don't miss it!

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Stories from Indian Mythology Cover Image

3 Indian mythology fans, rejoice!

Are you the kind that devours the Amar Chitra Katha books that speak of the great Indian myths? Oh you're in for a treat! Priya Muthukumar has just what you need at this storytelling session.

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Story Telling Session Cover Image

4 Blend the tales with some art

Join Priya Muthukumar from Storipur for an interesting jungle storytelling session followed by a craft activity.

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Round The Bend Exploration – Nandi Hills Cover Image

5 Be amazed at every bend

There's water mysteriously spouting from the mouth of a stone bull at Antargange in Kolar. Have kids explore such amazing nuggets of Nature in this trek through caves, passages, and rocks.

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Book Launch – Krishna Deva Raya Cover Image

6 Touch. Play. Imagine. Sketch

Touch the materials, feel them, and express yourself in creatively ways via drawing, colouring and shading in this sensorial art workshop.

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Baking With Kids Cover Image

7 Cupcake Mania at the Cooking Studio

Bring the little chefs along as they get to bake vanilla cupcakes with creamy chocolate frosting! Lip-smacking goodness for them to carry home too!

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Kiddy Brushworks Cover Image

8 Dip your fingers and make a wonderful mess!

Sponges, brushes and even hands come into play at this delightful workshop. Kids get to play with paint and see what their imagination can come up with. Fine and gross motor skills develop naturally in this situation.

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Star Gazing Camp Cover Image

9 Star Gazing Camp

Isn't this the perfect season to hit the outdoors? Stargaze with a ship captain, learn old sailors way of navigation, spot stars, constellations and planets without gadgets and telescopes.

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Solve the Maze using LEGO EV3 Robot Cover Image

10 Robotic Fun with Lego!

Older kids will love this workshop as they learn complex mathematical concepts using Robotics. Oh and the best part? They will get to solve a fun maze too!

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My Bangalore, My Stories Cover Image

11 Bring back old Bangalore

Through the magic of memories and nostalgia woven into stories, Vikram Sridhar will take you on a trip down the lane to the days of Old Bangalore. You will lose yourself in the incredible tales.

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Wellness Festival Cover Image

12 Celebrate Valentine's Day, albeit delayed!

At the Wellness Festival, you'll get to attend a pottery workshop, watch calisthenics, garden and even boogie to Bollywood beats. Make this Valentine's special for the whole family.

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