10 Exciting Kids Events this Weekend! 27th Apr to 29th Apr, 2018

10 Exciting Kids Events this Weekend! 27th Apr to 29th Apr, 2018 Cover Image

Need ideas to head out with the kids this weekend? We’re here! We know exactly what you need, be it workshops, camp outs, storytelling sessions and more.

Enjoy the weekend, parents! Let us help you make the most of it! BuzzingBubs is your go-to guide for things to do with kids in Bangalore and the best activities for kids in Bangalore. Events in Bangalore for kids? Workshops for teens? Fun for the family? It’s all here!

It’s a very exciting weekend, folks! Have you seen our growing and huge summer camp directory  yet? In the meanwhile, there are a fun number of events this weekend to keep things going. A line up of wonderful events such as: Palette Knife Painting,  Zentangle Doodling, Brush Calligraphy to Sketching your favourite Superhero, there is something creative to choose from for all the budding artists out there. These special events in Bangalore are perfect for the whole family, so make sure you have your weekend-vibe on and your appetites for excitement in place.

Go on, check out all the exciting weekend activities in Bangalore!

This is a curated list. If you’re looking for specific events in your area, do check here.



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Curious School Summer Fair Cover Image

1 Curious School Summer Fair

Don't miss the Curious School Summer Fair! Explore a wide range of craft from Origami to making a bag charm, storytelling, pop-up book fair and ending it with a music session.

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Zentangle Doodling Workshop Cover Image

2 Zentangle Doodling Workshop

At the Zentangle Doodling Workshop, participants will acquire a knowledge of doodling and will learn how to focus and meditate. Participants will be introduced to Zen and tools, Basic Doodle drills and much more.

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Story-Fun In The Sun Cover Image

3 Story-Fun In The Sun

Join Storywallahs for some Story-Fun in the Sun at Atta Galatta. So gather under a roof to listen to a story, a song, and perhaps a spoof.

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Paint Bar Summer Camp Cover Image

4 Paint Bar Summer Camp

Come by and paint at the Paint Bar Summer Camp, where they make it easy for every kid to paint. This time, they have 3 different workshops on the same day. Sign up for Canvas Painting, Masking Tape Painting or Sponge Painting!

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Krida Yoga Workshop for Kids Cover Image

5 Krida Yoga Workshop for Kids

Designed for children, this Krida Yoga experience will boost the listening skills, improves self-control, concentration, memory, attention span and builds leadership skills of the child, all in a fun way.

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Palette Knife Painting Workshop Cover Image

6 Palette Knife Painting Workshop

Have you tried painting with a knife? Sounds unusual? Yes it is. Relax, Fun & Learn Texture floral painting using palette knife. Painting knives are excellent for producing a range of effects, from textured impasto work to sweeping areas of flat colour.

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Alchemy Workshop on Chemistry Cover Image

7 Alchemy Workshop on Chemistry

Alchemy is an introductory workshop that explores the chemistry of things that children do and experience everyday. At the workshop children will do experiments, discover things through games, learn some chemistry and have fun, the key takeaways include developing.

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Brush Calligraphy Workshop Cover Image

8 Brush Calligraphy Workshop

At this Brush Calligraphy Workshop, participants will acquire a knowledge of basic brush calligraphy and how to use the brush pen for further practice. So be there and learn the new skill!

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Sketch Superheroes With Urban Ladder Cover Image

9 Fun Superhero Sketching Workshop

Got kids at home who are DC fans or Marvel loyalists? Bring them over to the Urban Ladder store on the 28th of April for a fun workshop on drawing superheroes. 

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Understanding Your Teens Cover Image

10 Understanding Your Teens

Discover why teens and tweens behave the way they do. Learn what you can do to communicate effectively with your teen and help him/her to navigate this difficult phase at this workshop.

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