14 Exciting Kids Events this Weekend! July 27 – 28, 2019

14 Exciting Kids Events this Weekend! July 27 – 28, 2019 Cover Image

Need ideas to head out with the kids this weekend? We’re here! We know exactly what you need, be it workshops, camp outs, storytelling sessions and more.

Enjoy the weekend, parents! Let us help you make the most of it! BuzzingBubs is your go-to guide for things to do with kids in Bangalore and the best activities for kids in Bangalore. Events in Bangalore for kids? Workshops for teens? Fun for the family? It’s all here!

The weekend is here and get geared up for an interesting one! The Bengaluru Poetry Festival is back with so many interesting workshops for children and adults! You will get opportunities to meet and interact with some of your favourite authors too! Don’t miss the nature through art event by WWF India! Celebrate 50 years of NASA with the screening of the popular Apollo 13 movie. Also, there are plenty of beautiful storytelling sessions, art workshops, baking and much more!

 There’s plenty of fun things to do this weekend. So, scroll through and have a happy one folks!

This is a curated list. If you’re looking for specific events in your area, do check here.



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K-Toon Land Cover Image

1 K-Toon Land

Kunskapsskolan Early Years is hosting a delightful carnival for kids K-Toon Land! Join them for DIY, art, books, music, food and much more! 

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The Jungle Storytelling Festival Cover Image

2 The Jungle Storytelling Festival

The jungle is abuzz. Monkey, Lion, Tortoise… everyone is rehearsing for the grand Jungle Storytelling Festival! All except Ostroo the ostrich. He wants to t-tell a s-s-story b-but – there’s a stammer in the way, which others make fun of. Will ostroo-cised Ostroo ever perform ? Join Janaki Sabesh at the Jungle Storytelling Festival.

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My Little Toastmaster Workshop Cover Image

3 My Little Toastmaster Workshop

The Ultimate Education Support Centre introduces My Little Toastmaster workshop to help your children get fluent in the English language. Children can easily learn to read and write the language, but some of them struggle with speaking fluently. Through drama, debates, visual aids and motivational talking tasks, children develop fluency and confidence.

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Positive Vibes – An evening of song Cover Image

4 Positive Vibes – An evening of song

Poco a poco is back with Positive Vibes – an Evening of Song. This is a music concert for adults and children by a motley crew of amateur vocalists and musicians. They are all set to leave you enthralled with their musical evening.

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Storytelling with Yoga Cover Image

5 Storytelling with Yoga

Vidyasagar Preschool invites you to a fun storytelling and yoga session with Pooja Agrawal! Improve literary skills, concentration and get a healthy start with yoga for kids! 

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Workshop for Building & Flying Hand Launch Gliders Cover Image

6 Build a hand launch glider!

Airytails is hosting an exciting workshop where they teach children to build hand launch gliders from scratch using balsa wood kits. Learn the science of flying objects, designing, building and flying your own gliders. Children will earn a strong foundation in aerodynamics, flight dynamics and aerostructures. Additionally, learn how to make the fastest paper airplanes too!

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Ice Cream Open Mic Day Cover Image

7 Ice Cream Open Mic Day

Celebrate World Ice Cream Day at FullofToys! Don’t just feast on your favourite treat, also talk about it at an open mic session!

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Squishy Circuits by The Little Thinkers Lab Cover Image

8 Squishy Circuits by The Little Thinkers Lab

Learn how to safely create electronic Squishy Circuits using conductive and insulating play dough at this fun workshop by The Little Thinkers Lab! Children will get to learn basic circuitry skills, which will be useful in pursuing a variety of engineering projects! 

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Science N Craft Workshop 2019 Cover Image

9 Science N Craft Workshop 2019

The Science n Craft Workshop lets your kids discover the artist and scientists within them. Introduce them to the world of science in a novel way. Make the pinhole camera, periscope, water sprinkler and an electric hand fan.

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Harry Potter Party Cover Image

10 Potter fans; a night you don't want to miss!

Harry Potter is coming to party with you at the Hippocampus! Start practising your spells, grab your robes and get ready! Try Quidditch pong, explore the Room of Requirements and tread the Forbidden Forest!

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A Writing Workshop with Shruthi Rao Cover Image

11 A Writing Workshop with Shruthi Rao

Join Shruti Rao for a Writing Workshop at the Lightroom Bookstore in celebration of the publication of her new book. Participate in researching and writing biographies and a quiz on women who were the first to do what they did!

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Urban Tree Walk Cover Image

12 Urban Tree Walk

Discover living giants in the heart of Bengaluru at this initiative by A Green Venture.  They offer educational Tree Walks for children, a unique learning opportunity where city parks are transformed into an outdoor classroom.

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Interactive Storytelling Session: It’s ok to be different Cover Image

13 Interactive Storytelling Session: It’s ok to be different

The Bangalore Storytelling Society invites everyone, young and old to come and listen to stories. Enjoy this interactive storytelling session with Shylaja Sampath and Ramya Srinidhi.

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Quizzitch that! Harry Potter Quiz Cover Image

14 Quizzitch that! Harry Potter Quiz

Here’s a Harry Potter Quiz for all the potterheads! Quizzitch that is hosted by Hangout and Confident Living to find who’s most Potterish!

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Acrylic Painting Workshop Cover Image

15 Acrylic Painting Workshop

Join the Acrylic Painting Workshop at Merry Go Learn and indulge and socialise over art this weekend. No prior experience is required and step by step guidance will be provided.

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