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The Ultimate Summer Camp 2020

The Ultimate Summer Camp 2020

The Ultimate Summer Camp 2020 is all about Public Speaking through Storytelling, Elocution and Drama. In the camp your kids will learn how to speak confidently with the correct accent, pronunciation and tone with Elocution. Develop expression along with communication skills, confidence and body language through speech and drama and how to emote and develop expression while speaking through poetry.

Group activities, games, training, on-stage performances and reading exercises, will teach them enhanced verbal and speaking skills and build self-confidence and teamwork. The summer camp will also have fun traditional games like Lagori, Kho Kho, Latto, Kabbadi and more that will give them an interesting way to engage themselves; thereby contributing to the positive and holistic development of your child. Last but not the least, there’s going to be a best out of waste craft session where your kids will reuse waste to make something creative!


To register for the workshop, call at +91-9916301906