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The Spinning Wheel

About The Spinning Wheel

About us

The Spinning Wheel is an eclectic studio, where children of all ages ‘yes, there is a child in all of us’ get an opportunity to unleash their creativity. Rakhi Mutreja, the founder & owner, of The Spinning Wheel, firmly believes that experience defines a person, and each celebration should be about creating fun filled experiences that last a lifetime! We offer theme based birthday celebrations. These are designed in collaboration with the parents, ensuring children have a blast at The Spinning Wheel.

This core principal of hers is the driving idea behind creative workshops and birthday party celebrations at The Spinning Wheel!

The Spinning Wheel as a Party Venue

Area (Sq Feet)
4000 sq ft space to conduct celebrations
Can accommodate upto 50 people in all.
Type of Venue
✓ Indoor✓ Outdoor

Various packages are offered for Birthday parties:

  • Rs 500 per child for a basic fun package
  • Rs 750 per child for imaginative fun package
  • Rs 1000 per child for an extremely creative package
  • Each birthday party is designed keeping the childs interest in mind. These can be theme based birthday celebrations like Frozen, Harry Potter, Secret Seven, Pirate, Krishna, Barbie, and many more.
  • Special additional packages are available for parents who would also like to unleash their creativity.
Minimum requirement for bookings

Minimum of 6 children required to make bookings for a birthday party.

Time slots for parties
Saturday and Sunday:
11:00 am to 1:30 pm
4:00 pm to 6:30 pm

Tuesday to Friday:
5:00 pm to 7:30 pm
Party duration
Each birthday celebration is for 2 hours, with 75 mins for various activities and 45 mins for cake cutting and food.

The space in divided into three section:

  • Outdoor setting for free play
  • Kid friendly studio room for the creative creations time
  • Second room for cake cutting and serving food

In-house caterer is not available, though they can help with recommendations.

Services on hire
✓ Balloon Craft✓ Craft✓ Face Painting✓ Hula Hooping✓ Jewellery Making✓ MasterChef Birthday✓ Pizza Party✓ Tattoo Artist

Workshops by The Spinning Wheel

Age Group
3 years and above
What Kids Learn
The Spinning Wheel conducts various kinds of workshops:

Mosaic creations on a single panel:
The coursework includes understanding the basics of mosaic, introduction to tools, mosaic cutting, pattern drafting and creation.

Wood Texturing on 10 panels:
The coursework includes understanding of wood, prepping the wood, and creation of 10 different textures.

Weaving workshop to create a rug:
The coursework includes brief history of weaving, introduction to the loom, thread setting on the loom and creation of the rug.

Scarf making workshop:
The workshop includes introduction to the loom, pattern setting and knitting.

Mask Making workshop:
The workshop includes understanding of the materials, molding and mask making.

Basket weaving with recycled materials:
The workshop includes creation of the weaves, and weaving the basket.

Tempered glass creations:
A a unique, high in demand workshop from The Spinning Wheel. The workshop includes understanding the safety measures while treating the glass, designing the structure and creating the mirror.
✓ Craft Activities✓ Glass Painting✓ Painting
Workshop Size
Maximum of 15
- Mosaic creations on a single panel: This is a five day workshop, 2 hours a day.
- Wood Texturing on 10 panels: This is a five day workshop, 1 hour a day.
- Weaving workshop to create a rug: This is a four day workshop, 1.5 hours a day.
- Scarf making workshop: This is a four day workshop, 1 hour a day.
- Mask Making workshop: This is a three hour workshop.
- Basket weaving with recycled materials: This is a four hour workshop.
- Tempered glass creations: This is a 2hour, 3 day workshop.
Tools and materials are provided for each workshop.
- Mosaic creations on a single panel: Rs. 3600/-
- Wood Texturing on 10 panels: Rs. 5600/-
- Weaving workshop to create a rug: Rs. 1600/-
- Scarf making workshop: Rs. 2100/-
- Mask Making workshop: Rs. 1600/-
- Basket weaving with recycled materials: Rs. 1600/-
- Tempered glass creations: Rs. 5600/-
How to register
To register for the workshop get in touch with Rakhi at +91-8095969513 or leave a message on their Facebook page.

Classes offered at The Spinning Wheel