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The League of Super Speakers Summer Camp 2022

The League of Super Speakers Summer Camp 2022

Some superheroes wear capes, some wear masks and some funny hats but in there League, Moxie and Hoppers aims to  create superheroes of a different calibre, they create Super Speakers! So, join in for an exciting summer camp designed exclusively to develop strong oratory skills along with many supporting topics that will make you a highly valuable member.

After 25 successful batches, Moxie and Hopper brings to you all the most loved language learning camp. With interesting games, puzzles, musical vocabulary classes, and many more fun elements tried together. This course along with academic relevance is designed to inculcate creative thinking.

What to expect

  • Learn 250+ vocabulary words
  • Build an ability to speak impromptu
  • Develop Debating and Public Speaking Skills
  • Gain creative writing skills
  • Learn to think and write creatively
  • Improve listening and comprehension with fun games and activities


To register for this camp: Please call on +91-9535195500