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The Great Robotics Summer Camp 2022 for Kids 10 yrs+

The Great Robotics Summer Camp 2022 for Kids 10 yrs+

The Great Robotics Summer Camp 2022 by SP Robotics Maker Lab is one of the best summer camps for children interested in learning Robotics and Coding. The program is a combination of Robotics & Coding and is designed to get kids started with a strong understanding of coding using Scratch visual coding language through a complete hands-on approach. Along with power packed learning, kids will have a great fun experience in Electronic City Maker Lab where they will learn, play, compete and challenge with robot and coding skills.

What to expect

Camp is a power packed 5 days x 2 hours x 2 weeks engagement. This camp is a Android app + C Programming with Robot Combo. Camper will build cool Apps like GPS based live tracking, Soccer game apps, image processing, QR code Scanner, Alien Invasion game and much more. Campers will get started with the super famous C programming language and build and code intelligent autonomous Robots with sensors, motors and micro-controllers. There will be numerous quizzes and assignments to increase the understanding of concepts in kids. At the end of the summer camps students can participate in Robotics competition and will have a chance of winning 5 lakhs worth of prizes from SP Robotics.


To register for the camp or for further details, call at  +91-9980936828. Last date for registration: 28th March. You can register by clicking here to

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