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Happy Hullabaloo: Creative English Program 2019

Happy Hullabaloo: Creative English Program

Join the Creative English Program “Happy Hullabaloo” at the BrainGym Studio, a fun space where imagination, creativity and wordplay all jostle together to create magic.

Discover new words like kerfuffle, swashbuckling and lackadaisical. Be dumbstruck by spoonerisms and hink-pinks, enthralled by the mystery word and secret codes, and intrigued by the thinking hats. Go on a wild flight of imagination as you write about reluctant raindrops, smelly skunks, and whimsical wizards. Debate about the baddies of Story land and be part of many more exciting adventures.

This program is designed to:

  • Explore the power of words through creative wordplay, puzzles and games
  • Engage with English through poetry, storytelling and creative writing
  • Enhance thinking skills and self expression through creative drama