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The Baby Atelier

About The Baby Atelier

The Baby Atelier brings an eco friendly bedding range made from organic fabric to ensure that every child sleeps in a clean space. The high thread count lends itself to a fabric that is soft to the touch without any chemical processes, while the yarn used has been dyed for long lasting low maintenance color. Overall the products offered are of great quality that is affordable and long lasting.

They focus on simple, clean design in line with the brand ethos. Nothing too complicated, color and prints that one won’t tire of. They never use more than 2 colors in a product offering. The goal is to allow the customer to use the product for a long period of time and for it to be versatile.

The Baby Atelier products include Blankets, Flat Sheet, Fitted Crib Sheet, Pillow Covers, Bolster Cover, Bolster Filler, Pillow Filler All these products are available in two sizes Baby and Junior.

Kids furniture & furnishings The Baby Atelier

Age Group
0 - 12 years
Product Details
✓ Blankets✓ Bolsters✓ Crib Sheets✓ Fillers✓ Organic Bedding✓ Pillow Covers

Delivery & Payment

How to place an order

The Baby Atelier products can be purchased online through Amazon, Engrave, Eazelly, Love this stuff, Ikkadukka, Aatachi, Nicabo, Baby Chakra, Giftistree, Natty, Jaypore  or The Baby Atelier website

Payment modes
✓ Cards✓ Cash