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The Atelier Parent Toddler Program (THIS PROGRAM IS NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE)

About The Atelier Parent Toddler Program (THIS PROGRAM IS NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE)

The Atelier offers a parent toddler program which opens a world of possibilities that lay the groundwork for a child’s development. They create intriguing experiences that induce children to explore and devise activities that encourage them to use their hands, bodies and minds in countless ways. This is a parent child program, where parents spend focused quality time with their child creating a strong social emotional bond with each other.

Program Details

The program creates opportunities for meaningful play with everyday material like water, sand, paint, clay, fabric, paper, food, leaves, shells and many more materials collected both from nature and our everyday lives.

Through each experience children explore the properties of the material and make logical connections. They judge the appearance of the container of water – the size, shape and color. They try and understand the behaviour of the ball – how it falls, bounces and rolls. They hear the sounds of the spoon clanging and banging against the gong. They feel the texture of the ball of clay – is it smooth or rough, prickly or bumpy. Is the smell of spices pleasant or smoky?

Classes offered at The Atelier Parent Toddler Program (THIS PROGRAM IS NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE)

Learning & Development
✓ Action Songs✓ Balance✓ Coordination✓ Communication✓ Cognitive Skills✓ Early Socialisation✓ Emotional Skills✓ Motor Skills✓ Physical Activity✓ Play Based Learning✓ Sharing✓ Storytelling
Age group
12 to 24 months
What kids learn
The program is designed in a way that help to develop and increase levels of attention span, focus and concentration for the child. The facilitator supports with rich language and emotional bonding. The peer group and their parents lead to social connections, parallel and inspired play as well as negotiations. At the same time, the child's physical relations with the materials lead to development of fine and gross motor skills. The children like to take on new challenges with the materials to test their properties further and feel a sense of accomplishment on achieving it.
Class size
Maximum 8 children with their parents.
Batch timings

Monday to Friday: 11:00 am to 12:00 pm

1 hour
Rs.300/- per session. Monthly subscriptions of 12 sessions and 20 sessions are available.