25 + Summer Camps in Jayanagar and JP Nagar

25 + Summer Camps in Jayanagar and JP Nagar Cover Image

Jayanagar and JP Nagar residents, stop hunting for camps near your home. Here comes a list just for you. Check it out and start enrolling today.

South Bangalore is bustling with so many camps that one cannot blame you for getting confused about choosing the right one or finding the ones close to your home. Here’s why we have compiled a separate list of summer camps in Jayanagar and JP Nagar with an exciting mix of camps to pick from.

From art and craft to reading to swimming,science and robotics to sports, music and yoga, there’s pretty much everything of interest within these 24 camps.

This is a curated list. View the complete list of camps in Bangalore here.

*Disclaimer: BuzzingBubs would like to inform parents that these are summer camps we are recommending based on the businesses listed with us. We do not help with procuring registration slots for any of the camps here nor are we personally affiliated with any of the organisers who have listed their camps. We do not conduct any summer camps of our own. Please reach out to the respective camps for details on enrolment, available slots and registration details, if any


Let’s Tinker S.T.E.M. – Summer Enrichment Program Cover Image

1 Let’s Tinker S.T.E.M. – Summer Enrichment Program

Let's Tinker S.T.E.M. - Summer Enrichment Program is a ten-days S.T.E.M based learning camp. It prepares your child for life by encouraging out of the box thinking and enhancing a deeper understanding of their curriculum concepts, specifically that of mathematics, programming, coding and technology.

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Evolvingminds Summer Program 2018 Cover Image

2 Evolvingminds Summer Program 2018

Evolvingminds summer program as a platform, constantly engages the young minds to initiate and ignite cognitive learning in them. Their unique mentoring process is the most effective tool in helping them gain confidence in themselves and their abilities to think, interact, learn and grow.

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Phirki – Summer Camp at Shoonya Cover Image

3 Phirki – Summer Camp at Shoonya

This one-of-a-kind workshop spread over 5 days brings together the who's who from the storytelling, dance, theatre, craft, photography and cooking worlds. Children will be guided by professionals even as they have fun! Trust us on this!

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Tiny Tails Summer Camp 2019 Cover Image

4 Tiny Tails Summer Camp 2019

Join Tiny Tails Summer Camp 2018 for two weeks of fun & learning. Introduction to Self-defence, photography, science experiments, fireless cooking, fun with art & craft, Yoga and much more.

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Art of Living & Yoga for Kids Cover Image

5 Art of Living & Yoga for Kids

Art of Living & Yoga for Kids Program is aimed at holistic development of the children with a focus on healthy body and mind. Making Yoga simple with stories and interesting activities helps them learn the postures effortlessly.

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Merry-Go-Learn Summer Camp 2018 – Seniors Cover Image

6 Sign up for LEGO robotics, hands on science, aero-modelling and more!

This holistic camp combines STEM with communication skills, math and even gives your child a NASA certificate for astronomy!

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Money Wise Kids Cover Image

7 Money Wise Kids

Money Wise Kids is a one-day activity-based workshop designed exclusively for children to understand the basics of Money Management, financial Responsibility and the importance of reaching Financial Freedom early in life to lead the dream life they desire.

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KLAY Summer Camp: Imaginarium Cover Image

8 KLAY Summer Camp: Imaginarium

This Summer give your little explorers the chance to dive into the worlds of Science, Art, Fitness and Food at KLAY. Broadly, the activities will cover Creative art, Fitness, Performing arts, Hands on science and Food.

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Road Runners Workshop on Cars Cover Image

9 Road Runners Workshop on Cars

Full Of Toys in association with Cilre presents Road Runners Workshop on Cars. Road Runners is a session that helps to understand the science behind the cars and their social impact.

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Munchkins Summer Camp Cover Image

10 Munchkins Summer Camp

Munchkins Summer Camp Umbrella is a six week program from Apr 9 to May 19. Activities include Sports, Kalaripayattu, Yoga, Art & Craft, Theatre, Life Skills, Music, Dance, Storytelling, Puppetry and Pottery.

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Camp Storyville Cover Image

11 Camp Storyville

Podar Jumbo Kids brings to you Camp Storyville, a summer camp combining stories with fu, fitness and learning this summer.

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GyanPro Science Summer Camp 2018 Cover Image

12 GyanPro Science Summer Camp 2018

GyanPro Science Summer Camp 2018 has been designed based on the past experience of successful years in conducting and consulting of science workshops. The workshops have been designed in such a manner that there are adequate take home working models and supporting experiments.

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Mega Minds & Mighty Bodies Cover Image

13 Mega Minds & Mighty Bodies

At Firefly's Summer Camp Mega Minds & Mighty Bodies, children will be introduced to puzzles, fun and excitement. lilFirefly's create joyful learning centres where they learn new skills through plays, games, songs, and sports with fun, joy and Happiness.

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ToyLet LEGO Robotics Workshops Cover Image

14 ToyLet LEGO Robotics Workshops

At LEGO WeDo Robotics Workshops, children will develop their 21st-century skills like problem-solving, collaboration, creativity and communication. Children will build and program a working model and then use the model for different purposes.

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Digital Detox for children | Think beyond gadgets Cover Image

15 Digital Detox for children | Think beyond gadgets

Gift your child a 40 hour Digital Detox this Summer. Superhero play, Theatre, Astronomy, Authoring, Baking, Song jam, Gardening & composting, Photography, Building an entrepreneurial mindset!

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Summer Science Mania Cover Image

16 Summer Science Mania

Decode X and Why in association with Jain Public School, JP Nagar, bring to you a fun filled summer camp, Summer Science Mania. 15 days of experiments, fun, puzzles, scientific games, creativity, story telling and puppetry for children.

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ArtWheel Cover Image

17 ArtWheel

ArtWheel is a 10 day movement arts workshop for children, Bangalore. Kids will learn Yoga, Indian folk-dance motifs, basics of Kathak, Bharatanatyam & more.

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Aerial Zone Gymnastic Summer Camp Cover Image

18 Aerial Zone Gymnastic Summer Camp

Aerial Zone Gymnastic Summer Camp will be conducted for kids from tots to teens. Aerial Zone is a fully equipped gymnastics centre, safe and a great place for kids founded by an International Gymnast. Let the kids test their strength, rhythm, balance, flexibility, agility, coordination an reflexes.

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PAW’S Summer Fiesta 2.0 Cover Image

19 PAW’S Summer Fiesta 2.0

The Paw's Summer Fiesta at Cubby Tales, promises to be a summer camp for kids that ensure holistic learning with loads of fun. Tickling multiple senses, it's a blend of creative, sensory, music, physical activities, role plays, retro and a lot more. The key highlight is the abundance of Outdoor space and exploration. Summer Camp exclusive Day Care option also extended.

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Master of all Summer camps by Musicberries Cover Image

20 Master of all Summer camps by Musicberries

This is a fun filled camp by Musicberries where children get a much needed break from the exams tension. Whether your child wants to become the next Michael Jackson or wants to write like Shakespeare or wants to win a grammy, they will help your child find the hidden celebrity in them and make this summer the most memorable one!

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Art Summer Camp for Kids Cover Image

21 Art Summer Camp for Kids

At Art Summer Camp for Kids by Anu Jayasankar, children will learn painting, sketching, calligraphy and different types of handwriting, origami and pot painting.

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Ray Centre Swimming Summer Camp 2018 Cover Image

22 Ray Centre Swimming Summer Camp 2018

At the Ray Centre Swimming Summer Camp, kids and adults learn swimming from coaches who have experience in training & nurturing swimmers of all abilities.

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Summer Camp by Alekhya Fine Arts Cover Image

23 Summer Camp by Alekhya Fine Arts

This Summer, Alekhya presents a, 'Fun and Hobby Summer Camp' which includes drawing, painting, crafts, gardening, storytelling, memory games and many more fun and interactive activities. Children will learn, interact, enjoy and take home their creations.

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Blossom Summer Camp for Children Cover Image

24 Blossom Summer Camp for Children

Blossom Summer Camp for Children has lots of activities in store for kids. Story-Telling, FunXpress, Puppetry Xpress and My Little Toastmaster are just a few to choose from. Enrol today!

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Utsaha Summer Camp 2018 Cover Image

25 Utsaha Summer Camp 2018

Utsaha Summer Camp Season 3 starts on 2nd April, 2018 where children can enjoy inspiring, creative and fun-filled activities. Plunge into summer with interesting activities and memorable moments.

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Little Millenium Summer Camp Cover Image

26 Little Millenium Summer Camp

At the Little Millenium Summer Camp there will be lot of fun filled activities for your kids to participate.  Little Astronauts, Public speaking, Gardening & Nature, Pot painting, Karate and lots more fun stuff.

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