40 + Summer Camps in and around North Bangalore

40 + Summer Camps in and around North Bangalore Cover Image

With so many camps floating around, are you wishing for a list that has the best camps in your area? Buzzingbubs to the rescue!

Here are the best summer camps in and around North Bangalore. Find these camps for kids in Jakkur, Yelahanka, BEL Road, Hennur, RMV 2nd Stage, Vidyaranyapura, Sadashivanagar, Yeshwanthpur and Cunningham Road.

These camps  are a perfect way to find the camp you need without travelling across the city, especially considering traffic in Bangalore!

No more hunting, parents! Check out our list and enroll your children right away! From all sports and writing to traditional Indian art and baking, here are some amazing camps in North Bangalore!

This is a curated list. View the complete list of camps in Bangalore here.

*Disclaimer: BuzzingBubs would like to inform parents that these are summer camps we are recommending based on the businesses listed with us. We do not help with procuring registration slots for any of the camps here nor are we personally affiliated with any of the organisers who have listed their camps. We do not conduct any summer camps of our own. Please reach out to the respective camps for details on enrolment, available slots and registration details, if any.

The Tinker Lab Summer Camp 2018 Cover Image

1 The Tinker Lab Summer Camp 2018

Enrol your kids to The Tinker Lab Summer Camp and introduce them with Lego Machines, where the language of Lego axles and gears meets the physics of Simple Machines. The Tinker Lab is a learning space that juxtaposes the seriousness in ‘lab’ with the playfulness in ‘tinker’ing as learners discover understanding through invention.

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ISKCON Summer Camp 2018 Cover Image

2 ISKCON Summer Camp 2018

At the ISKCON Summer Camp 2018 children will be engaged in activities such as art and craft, dance, english theatre, vocal music and yakshagana. They will also learn about animation video shows, Bhagvad-Gita Shlokas, Mantra Meditation, Indian Philosophy Studies, Exciting Educational Trips and fun games with Krishna.

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Sporthood Summer Camp 2018 Cover Image

3 Sporthood Summer Camp 2018

Sporthood in association with Bhaichung Bhutia Football Schools brings to you Bengaluru's largest summer camp right in your neighbourhood. The football & badminton camp is set to run in 15 centres across Bengaluru, comprising of various arenas, schools & apartments. Don't miss the exclusive 25% discount for BuzzingBubs Subscribers!

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Summer Photography Camp for Kids Cover Image

4 Summer Photography Camp for Kids

Get to learn a new skill and develop a keen sense of aesthetics and beauty at the Summer Photography Camp for Kids. Learn the basics of Photography and get an introduction to basic concepts of Photography, and camera functions.

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Multisport Summer Camp 2018 Cover Image

5 Multisport Summer Camp 2018

Run, kick, throw, jump! This multi sport summer camp at the Padukone-Dravid Centre for Sports Excellence will expose your child to multiple sports during their holidays.

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Sculpture & 3D Art Workshop & Art Camp Cover Image

6 Sculpture & 3D Art Workshop & Art Camp

At this camp students will explore variety of mediums to create Sculptures, Relief works, Kinetic Art & Installations. Students will experiment with new methods and techniques to create Art works based on Zentangles, Textured paintings,Tribal Art and many more.

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Let’s Tinker S.T.E.M. – Summer Enrichment Program Cover Image

7 Let’s Tinker S.T.E.M. – Summer Enrichment Program

Let's Tinker S.T.E.M. - Summer Enrichment Program is a ten-days S.T.E.M based learning camp. It prepares your child for life by encouraging out of the box thinking and enhancing a deeper understanding of their curriculum concepts, specifically that of mathematics, programming, coding and technology.

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Space Camp Bangalore 2018 Cover Image

8 A space camp held at the Indian Institute of Science!

Cindrebay's phenomenal Space Camp has sent the whole of Bangalore into a tizzy. Do find out why it's so special and enrol right away!

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Jus’Trufs’ Summer Camp 2018 Cover Image

9 Jus’Trufs’ Summer Camp 2018

Vivriti & Jus' Trufs present the summer of 2018 ! Loads of workshops to choose from: Music, Paper Craft, Zendoodling, Robotics,Dance, Science, Theatre.

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Cultiv8 Summer Camp by XLR8 Cover Image

10 Cultiv8 Summer Camp by XLR8

This year XLR8 is introducing Cultiv8 Summer Camp featuring Drama, Music, Dance and arts & Crafts. A comprehensive summer program to nurture the performer and artist in every child.

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Rohan Bopanna Tennis Academy Summer Camp Cover Image

11 Ace a serve or smash with ease at this tennis camp with Rohan Bopanna!

This tennis coaching camp offers a host of activities including wholesome tennis skills workshops, a range of workouts designed to improve your child's agility, balance, and strength including a selection of innovative and exciting tennis/ fitness games that will keep kids engaged and enthused.

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Imaginostory Summer Camp at AOMI Cover Image

12 Imaginostory Summer Camp at AOMI

Fun and excitement never ceases with Imaginostory because they bring wonderful activities revolving around a different theme for each day of the camp! What are the themes? From Flora, Fauna, Space & Beyond, Under the Sea, Dinosaurs, Robots, Little Architects, Get moving, Little Chefs, Stories & Puppets. Now that's a dream come true for all kids

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Spirit of Dance Summer Camp 2018 Cover Image

13 Spirit of Dance Summer Camp 2018

Can you hip hop and B-boy your way through contemporary dance, kids? Well, here's your chance to do just that with the Spirit of Dance workshop! Camp starts on April 9th.

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Swimming Summer Camp 2018 Cover Image

14 Swimming Summer Camp 2018

Dolphin Aquatics promises professional coaching for kids as well as adults this summer together with time slots to suit one and all. From 5 a.m. to 9.15 p.m., pick a slot that works for you. Registration mandatory.

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Summers @ Swastika Cover Image

15 Summers @ Swastika

Summers at Swastika is a camp for children to play with their creativity in art forms like dance, music, painting and puppet theatre. At Swastika children will be exposed to techniques and forms of art that are from India and explore a single theme in all art forms.

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Aero Modelling Summer Camp Cover Image

16 Aero Modelling Summer Camp

Happy Landings India Model Sport is organising Aero Modelling Summer Camp at Vidyaranyapura. It is a wonderful opportunity to learn and have fun flying model planes.

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Summer Camp at Bungalow 7 Cover Image

17 Summer Camp at Bungalow 7

Summer Camp at Bungalow 7 by Moya Caddy will have activities for children based on subjects which are broken up into weeks. The summer camp will be on throughout May, 3 days a week for 3 hours each morning. Weekly Camps on The Beauty of Books, Culture Swap, Conservation, My Body, Science

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Globetrippers Summer Camp Cover Image

18 Travel to different countries without leaving the room!

The famous Globetrippers camp will simulate travel to different countries with fun-filled games, crafts, audiovisuals, music & demonstration.

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Tumble Leap & Grow Cover Image

19 Leap, jump, rock or roll, it's fun to grow!

Watch your energetic toddler build muscle and fine motor skills as he/she jumps and leaps over obstacles or moves and grooves in rhythm to some catchy music. Have them seek out other kids and have unlimited fun too!

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KLAY Summer Camp: Imaginarium Cover Image

20 KLAY Summer Camp: Imaginarium

This Summer give your little explorers the chance to dive into the worlds of Science, Art, Fitness and Food at KLAY. Broadly, the activities will cover Creative art, Fitness, Performing arts, Hands on science and Food.

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PAW’S Summer Fiesta 2.0 Cover Image

21 PAW’S Summer Fiesta 2.0

The Paw's Summer Fiesta at Cubby Tales, promises to be a summer camp for kids that ensure holistic learning with loads of fun. Tickling multiple senses, it's a blend of creative, sensory, music, physical activities, role plays, retro and a lot more. The key highlight is the abundance of Outdoor space and exploration. Summer Camp exclusive Day Care option also extended.

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PlayGym of Hennur Summer Camp Cover Image

22 PlayGym of Hennur Summer Camp

The classic PlayGym of Hennur Summer Camp includes a lot of activities to keep the little ones engaged as well as thrilled. You can choose the PlayGym all inclusive camp or you can also choose the intensive, focused alternatives. Don't miss the exclusive 20% discount for BuzzingBubs subscribers!

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Namaste India Cover Image

23 Namaste India

Sadhu Vaswani Mission's Little Lamps brings to you Namaste India, a summer program where children explore India and learn about the history, culture and much more. The children will be introduced to Indian Cuisine, Dances, Traditional Costumes, Festivals and all about India.

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Dribbling Panda Summer Springs is back – ‘THE PANDA STYLE’! Cover Image

24 Dribbling Panda Summer Springs is back – ‘THE PANDA STYLE’!

Dashes of laughter, fun & creativity, let it all pour into their summer experience. Inspired by Po's qualities in Kung Fu Panda, and kids Real self, they are bringing together a unique experience for kids to dive into the bowl of energy, cuteness unlimited, retaining their innocence & so much more.

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Summer Camps at The Little Gym Cover Image

25 Summer Camps at The Little Gym

The Little Gym of India offers summer camps for kids of all ages. This year Summer Camps at The Little Gym will be two awesome, age-appropriate and interest-driven programs. Check out the closest centre to you and enrol your kid today!

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Brijesh Patel Cricket Academy Cover Image

26 Brijesh Patel Cricket Academy

Brijesh Patel Cricket Academy, Bangalore established since 1986, offers cricket coaching with cutting edge resource and facilities, modern cricketing techniques and training, sporting intelligence, exposure of overseas tours and has a mix of students from all over the world.

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Kara4Kids Summer Camp Cover Image

27 Kara4Kids Summer Camp

Enter the world of storytelling, art and craft, dance and audio visual fun this summer a Kara4Kids enthralls your preschoolers and toddlers all through April & May. They're in for a treat!

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PBI Tennis Academy Summer Camp Cover Image

28 PBI Tennis Academy Summer Camp

Serve and volley with the pros at the PBI Tennis Academy Summer Camp! Whether you’re new to the game or looking to hone your skills, this camp will definitely help you!

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KiddyPi Robotics Summer Camp Cover Image

29 KiddyPi Robotics Summer Camp

KiddyPi Robotics Summer Camp is a hands-on workshop for Kids. Kids will design, build and program Robots while improving teamwork skills. Workshops are designed to stimulate child's creativity and Imagination. Their Robotic workshops are exciting and fun filled providing cool essential growth experiences to carry for future. Each of their micro-projects and goal-based-scenarios is a fun combo of all three.

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Kids Kan Kook Baking Workshop Cover Image

30 Kids Kan Kook Baking Workshop

Kreative Kitchen by Kamna presents a comprehensive Eggless Baking Workshop for kids spanning over 5 days. At Kids Kan Kook Baking Workshop children will be guided through all aspects basic baking, frosting, presentation and variations. Kids will be provided with recipe handouts, all the ingredients and can take back their daily bakes. 

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Make-a-Book Creative Writing & Art Workshop Cover Image

31 Write stories and become young authors!

Aparna Raman, one of the best creative writing workshoppers in the city and Founder of Timbuktoo, will mentor your young writers and get them published. Don't miss this camp!

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Perform with Outgroundworks Cover Image

32 Perform with Outgroundworks

This 6 - day workshop will bring together several facets and processes of performance through activities that children can explore: reading, story telling, craft, puppet making and performance. Over the six days, they will read stories and pick one as a group; explore the characters in them by means of role-play and discussions, build a script and experience the process and preparing for a little show at the end.

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SIX Summer Cricket Camp Cover Image

33 SIX Summer Cricket Camp

Enrol for SIX Summer Cricket Camp at Padokone Dravid Centre for Sports Excellence and get access to top-class cricket facilities, knowledge and programs. SIX cater’s to an audience ranging from first class cricketers to aspiring cricketers with an aim to refresh the way cricket is learnt and played. The activities, events and programs at SIX are premised on the principle of ‘cricket for all’ catering to cricket enthusiasts of every level.

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Kavade Summer Camp 2018 Cover Image

34 Kavade Summer Camp 2018

Kavade Summer Camp 2018 has loads of activities planned for children from Art Workshops, Theatre Workshop, LEGO to Screen Printing & more.

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Summer activities for Kids by Just Books & Abha Arts Cover Image

35 Summer activities for Kids by Just Books & Abha Arts

Abha Arts in association with Just Books is conducting activities for kids this summer. Join them for a fantastic and an artistic week where in you will be learning and doing creative art projects.

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Summer Squash Camp 2018 Cover Image

36 Summer Squash Camp 2018

Join the Summer Squash Camp 2018 with Ray Malik School of Squash at Centre for Sports Excellence.

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Camp Storyville Cover Image

37 Camp Storyville

Podar Jumbo Kids brings to you Camp Storyville, a summer camp combining stories with fu, fitness and learning this summer.

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Nisha Millet Swimming Camp Cover Image

38 Nisha Millet Swimming Camp

Nisha Millet Swimming Camp offers exclusive swimming camp for kids according to their age and skill sets. Choose a session based on age groups and learner level. With names of levels like starfish, dolphin, frog and shark, this will be fun!

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Public Speaking Summer Camps for Kids Cover Image

39 Public Speaking Summer Camps for Kids

Public Speaking Summer Camps will train the children on Public Speaking & Grooming. Children will be trained on the final aspects of Verbal & Non Verbal communication which needs to be used for stage performance or in general for any speeches.

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Prakash Padukone Sports Management Summer Badminton Program Cover Image

40 Prakash Padukone Sports Management Summer Badminton Program

This summer learn to smash your hardest with the Prakash Padukone Sports Management Summer Badminton Program. Coaching modules have been developed by Prakash Padukone and Vimal Kumar and imparted by their Expert Coaches. The program helps in initiation into Badminton with correct techniques and footwork.

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Aqua Liners Swimming Camp Cover Image

41 Aqua Liners Swimming Camp

Aqua Liners invites all to the swimming camp being conducted by AustSwim Certified Swimming Teacher, National Diver & Swimmer 'Kavita Chittiappa' who ensures that all swimmers get to learn and master the techniques of this sport. A strong emphasis on water safety is assured. So its summer time once again and get set to swim and make a splash.

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Just Cricket Academy Summer Camp Cover Image

42 Just Cricket Academy Summer Camp

Just Cricket Academy Summer Camp for all the budding cricketers out there. Allow your child to explore their passion towards the sport through a two month summer camp, specially curated by experts to improve and hone the game for all involved through customised training sessions based on age and skill.

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Yoga Se Hoga Cover Image

43 Yoga Se Hoga

Yoga se Hoga is a 3 days Introductory Yoga Workshop for "Kids and Parents" at Village Story from 9th April to 11th April 2018 by Ms.Shama Arun. Introduce yourself and your kids to yoga. A great opportunity for you and your child to practice Yoga together. Learn asanas, different pranayams  and meditation and also get nutrition and dietary guidance for healthy eating.

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JFHA Hockey Summer Camp Cover Image

44 JFHA Hockey Summer Camp

JFHA Hockey Summer Camp, organized by the members of JFHA's coaching staff, under the leadership of Jude Felix. Training is age/skill specific and entry is open to all. The camp includes training from Hockey Stalwarts as well as sessions on High End Fitness.

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ToyLet LEGO Robotics Workshops Cover Image

45 ToyLet LEGO Robotics Workshops

At LEGO WeDo Robotics Workshops, children will develop their 21st-century skills like problem-solving, collaboration, creativity and communication. Children will build and program a working model and then use the model for different purposes.

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XLR8 Summer Camp 2018 Cover Image

46 XLR8 Summer Camp 2018

Kids aged 6 to 16 can choose from this fantastic line up of outdoor and indoor activities: Playgym Activities, martial arts and gymnastics, cricket, football, basketball, throwball, table tennis, archery, board games, wall climbing, bungee jumping, aqua play, zip line, trampoline. Hurry! Register today!

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