24 Summer camps in and around Koramangala you’d love!

24 Summer camps in and around Koramangala you’d love! Cover Image

Cherry-picking some of the best camps in Koramangala that provide all round development and plenty of entertainment for your kids.

Here are 24 fantastic camps in and around Koramangala that will energize and entertain your kids this summer. From sports training to art, music, and theatre, we have included all that a kid will want to explore and experience. Areas covered include Koramangala, Sarjapur road, HSR layout, Hosur road and Electronic city.

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This is a curated list. View the complete list of camps in Bangalore here.

*Disclaimer: BuzzingBubs would like to inform parents that these are summer camps we are recommending based on the businesses listed with us. We do not help with procuring registration slots for any of the camps here nor are we personally affiliated with any of the organisers who have listed their camps. We do not conduct any summer camps of our own. Please reach out to the respective camps for details on enrolment, available slots and registration details, if any


Hobby Lobby Summer Camp Cover Image

1 Learn robotics and mechatronics in this fun STEM camp!

This is a wholesome package for kids of different ages who would have varied interests. From jelly cake baking to robotics to chess to handwriting and public speaking, this one has it all.

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The Royal Equestrian Academy Summer Camp Cover Image

2 The Royal Equestrian Academy Summer Camp

Ever wanted to learn horse riding, grooming, tackling and evening walking a horse with flair? The Royal Equestrian Academy summer camp offers all this training and more for kids from the age of 4+.

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Freestyle and Bollywood Dance Workshop Cover Image

3 Freestyle and Bollywood Dance Workshop

Kids bustling with energy and enthusiasm will take to this camp like a fish to water. Grooving to catchy beats, learning the latest moves, they will have a ball of a time expressing themselves. Enroll today!

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Taaqademy Summer Music Camp Cover Image

4 Taaqademy Summer Music Camp

At Taaqademy, kids will be introduced to different styles of music and instruments, basic music theory, music appreciation, composing music. The camp will end with student performances.

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Namma Sports Village Summer Camp Cover Image

5 Namma Sports Village Summer Camp

Cricket or tennis, this summer? Or choose to learn both! Trained by professional coaches, kids will learn the basics of the sport in the most systematic manner. Excellent facilities are added attraction. Participants can avail of transportation facility too. Register soon!

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PEP School Summer Camp 2.0 Cover Image

6 PEP School Summer Camp 2.0

4-weeks of 4 different themes. Have your kids enter the fascinating world of Science through hands-on experiments or talk to stars and planets or be transported to an enchanting world of Puppetry with an experienced group of professionals. Choose what you may, you can be ensured of quality, learning, and fun for your kids.

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Freethinking Summer Fest 2017 Cover Image

7 Sing, splash, colour or count, get everything you want!

You couldn't ask for anything more, this camp has it all. From music to stories, from art to baking, from theatre to swimming, and lots more. And, not to forget a mother-toddler program too!

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Summer Fun at PLaY Juniors Cover Image

8 Summer Fun at PLaY Juniors

Dance, craft, physical fitness, learning about space: These are just some of the things your kids, 3 years and above, will learn and enjoy at the camp organised by PLaY juniours! So much activity that your kids will never want to leave.

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Redbridge International Academy Summer Camp Cover Image

9 Redbridge International Academy Summer Camp

From pottery to storytelling, retro dance to Zumba, origami to no-flame cooking, drawing to aerobics, there's something for everyone at this camp organised by RedBridge school. Camp starts on Monday, 3rd April!

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Summer Camp at StepUp Cover Image

10 Exploring STEM concepts in fun ways

Ever wanted to make STEM subjects entertaining for your kids and get them engaged and energised? This camp may be just what you need! There's also dance for the juniors and space exploration to boot. This is for the geeks and nerds out there. Have fun!

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Spry Summer Camp Cover Image

11 Spry Summer Camp

Keep your little ones engaged in more exciting ways than one. Watch them speak fearlessly in public or imbibe graceful manners, see them develop a love for books and Science, observe how they ponder over choices and grow wings to take on the world. Treat them to a fantastic fortnight with this camp!

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Superhero Engineering Cover Image

12 Interested in superhero engineering? Then this camp is for you!

In this innovative camp, your kids will add some science to their love of superheroes by figuring out the STEM concepts that go into super powers.

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Mustard Summer Camp Cover Image

13 Mustard Summer Camp

Learn not just cooking but also communicating, speaking in public, Zumba, dance, and more in this unique camp. You can choose the length of the camp. Check out the detailed itinerary, now!

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Bazooka Summer Camp Cover Image

14 Bazooka Summer Camp

About Bazooka Summer Camp Bazooka Summer Camp at the Explorium Campus will be a great fun filled camp for preschoolers covering art and craft, physical fitness, life skills, cooking and baking, math, english and outdoor activities.

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Summer Fun at The Martin Farm Cover Image

15 Summer Fun at The Martin Farm

Enjoy a three-week rejuvenating time at a farm. Activities will include understanding about sustainable energy, getting a close peek at the behaviour and habitat of various birds and living a farm life. Register now!

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Introduction to Wire Jewelry Cover Image

16 Introduction to Wire Jewelry

Wire jewellery looks so fashionable and what's more fulfilling than when they are made from scratch! This summer program will teach the kids everything from cutting to looping and even using pliers and other tools. Needless to add that utmost care will be taken to ensure their safe handling.

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Summer Camp at Sarjapur Organic Farm Cover Image

17 Summer Camp at Sarjapur Organic Farm

This summer, do something refreshing and go organic. Meet our native breed of cows who give us milk rich in A2, learn how biogas is created or bees are kept. Watch the process of composting and learn to grow chemical-free food or even do pottery. Enjoy farm fresh food while doing all of these activities.

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Active Shadows Pottery Camp Cover Image

18 Active Shadows Pottery Camp

Each of the four weeks brings in a new art form with new working materials and techniques to learn. From pottery to sculpting to mosaic art to potting a plant. All this at an organic farm. An experience to cherish, definitely.

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Three-Fic Summer Cover Image

19 Three-Fic Summer

The variety in this camp is splendid! From art and craft to stories to keep children engaged to stretching the muscles through dance, mentor Gayathri knows how to keep kids happy. 5-7 year olds, this is perfect for them!

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Jiffy Theater Workshop Cover Image

20 Jiffy Theater Workshop

How would you improvise a given script or create stories in a jiffy? That's Jiffy theatre for you! Learn the nuances of body language, let your imagination take over and interact with your audience in this fun-filled workshop.

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Ever After Summer Programs Cover Image

21 Ever After Summer Programs

Have a budding storyteller or story writer in your house? Well, this is a camp tailor-made for such kids. They will learn the art of storytelling as well as the techniques of penning down a creative story.

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Digital Photography Workshop Cover Image

22 Digital Photography Workshop

About Digital Photography Workshop Digital Photography Workshop is going to be 5 days of creativity, fun and learning digital photography, understanding your camera, compositions and how to take a great shot.

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LshVa Children’s Summer Camp Cover Image

23 LshVa Children’s Summer Camp

This camp combines art, music and dance in a way that will let kids explore their senses beyond the visual. The workshop will incorporate a wide range of body movements, fostering within the kids a sense to appreciate art and music.

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Imaginostory Summer Camp Cover Image

24 Imaginostory Summer Camp

Explore an exciting world of stories, Puppetry, music, art, and theatre. Each of the themes is a new form for kids to express themselves creatively yet with great clarity. There are only limited seats. So, hurry to book your slots!

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