35+ Summer camps in and around Koramangala you’d love!

35+ Summer camps in and around Koramangala you’d love! Cover Image

Cherry-picking some of the best camps in Koramangala that provide all round development and plenty of entertainment for your kids.

Here are 35 fantastic summer camps in and around Koramangala that will energize and entertain your kids this summer. From sports training to art, music, and theatre, we have included all that a kid will want to explore and experience. Areas covered include Koramangala, Sarjapur road, HSR layout, Hosur road and Electronic city.

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This is a curated list. View the complete list of camps in Bangalore here.

*Disclaimer: BuzzingBubs would like to inform parents that these are summer camps we are recommending based on the businesses listed with us. We do not help with procuring registration slots for any of the camps here nor are we personally affiliated with any of the organisers who have listed their camps. We do not conduct any summer camps of our own. Please reach out to the respective camps for details on enrolment, available slots and registration details, if any


The Spinning Wheel Summer Workshops Cover Image

1 The Spinning Wheel Summer Workshops

The Spinning Wheel is an eclectic art studio where creativity has no boundaries. You know what you'd love the most about the workshops at The Spinning Wheel, apart from the sheer variety...you can walk in ANY day and start your workshops! It's true!

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Art Summer Camp in Koramangala Cover Image

2 Art Summer Camp in Koramangala

Art Summer Camp at Bloom & Grow is a curated module to introduce youngsters to authentic and right techniques of Soft Pastel art/ Charcoal Painting, Calligraphy & Typography, Finger Painting in Acrylic, Pointillism, Caricature Drawings, Paper sculptures, Clay Art/ Terracotta coiling and more!

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Charcoal to Diamond Art Summer Camp Cover Image

3 Charcoal to Diamond Art Summer Camp

At Charcoal to Diamond Art Summer Camp, students will learn 8 different courses Bottle Art, Flower Making, Mixed Media Art, Canvas Art, Home Decor Making, DIY Crafting, Jewellery Making and Ceramic Art.

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Hobby Lobby Chess Summer Camp Cover Image

4 Hobby Lobby Chess Summer Camp

Spark your child's brainpower and interest with the ancient game of Chess! At the Hobby Lobby Chess Summer Camp children will improve their analytical ability, concentraion and enjoy playing the same time. 

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Communication & Theatre Summer Workshop Cover Image

5 Communication & Theatre Summer Workshop

Theatre Dots “Summer Intensive” Program is back here and it’s gone better and bigger. This summer all kids, will have an opportunity to immerse in the world of communication and theatre, regardless of experience level.

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Nisha Millet Swimming Camp Cover Image

6 Nisha Millet Swimming Camp

Nisha Millet Swimming Camp offers exclusive swimming camp for kids according to their age and skill sets. Choose a session based on age groups and learner level. With names of levels like starfish, dolphin, frog and shark, this will be fun!

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Lego Robotics Summer Camp Cover Image

7 Lego Robotics Summer Camp

Lego Robotics Summer Camp is a wonderful opportunity for students to explore the world of Robotics. Build Humanoid Robot, Dog-bot, Python-bot, Puppy-bot, a mobile controlled robot etc.

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ToyLet LEGO Robotics Workshops Cover Image

8 ToyLet LEGO Robotics Workshops

At LEGO WeDo Robotics Workshops, children will develop their 21st-century skills like problem-solving, collaboration, creativity and communication. Children will build and program a working model and then use the model for different purposes.

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StepUp Summer Camp Cover Image

9 StepUp Summer Camp

StepUp Summer Camp has lots of activities in store for kids such as art & craft, shlokas & bhajans, LEGO Robotics, Yoga, Science Mania and Hoola Hooping for kids across different age groups.

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Rhythmic Feet Dance Summer Camp 2018 Cover Image

10 Rhythmic Feet Dance Summer Camp 2018

Rhythmic Feet Dance Summer Camp 2018 includes Zumba, Dance, Musical Instruments, Art & Craft, Personality development and much more. Summer Camp available for children 4  to 10 yrs and 10 yrs +

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Sporthood Summer Camp 2018 Cover Image

11 Sporthood Summer Camp 2018

Sporthood in association with Bhaichung Bhutia Football Schools brings to you Bengaluru's largest summer camp right in your neighbourhood. The football & badminton camp is set to run in 15 centres across Bengaluru, comprising of various arenas, schools & apartments. Don't miss the exclusive 25% discount for BuzzingBubs Subscribers!

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Art of Living & Yoga for Kids Cover Image

12 Art of Living & Yoga for Kids

Art of Living & Yoga for Kids Program is aimed at holistic development of the children with a focus on healthy body and mind. Making Yoga simple with stories and interesting activities helps them learn the postures effortlessly.

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Rainforest: Biodiversity Cover Image

13 Rainforest: Biodiversity

At this workshop investigate a bit knowing about exotic plant and animal unique to the rainforest regions. Learn about flora and fauna here, what conditions could have caused them, how they interact with each other and how the diversity helps the rest of the world.

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Summer Science Mania at Unnati Library Cover Image

14 Summer Science Mania at Unnati Library

Decode X and Why in association with Unnati Library bring to you a fun filled summer camp, Summer Science Mania. They have lined up 10 days of experiments, fun, puzzles, scientific games, creativity, story telling and puppetry for children in the age group of 5 to 13 years old.

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Mini Makers Summer Camp Cover Image

15 Mini Makers Summer Camp

At Mini Makers Summer Camp they follow the approach of learning by doing. Many fun, engaging and creative activities have been arranged for your child to stay engaged, sharp, keep cool and re-energize this summer.

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Summer Astro Space Camp 2.0 Cover Image

16 Check out this fantastic space camp at Lawrence School, HSR Layout

Talk to ISRO scientists, explore model rocketry, learn astronomy and go on field trips, in this exciting space summer camp!

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SportyBeans Summer Camp Cover Image

17 SportyBeans Summer Camp

SportyBeans Summer Camp dates are out! Enroll your child and make sure that your child gets to learn some exciting sports skills in these vacations!

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Young Writers Tribe Cover Image

18 Young Writers Tribe

Young Writers Tribe is a weekend workshop suited to young writers who are keen to sharpen their writing skills. They will learn how to move from exploring an idea to crafting a story with fun and simple exercises.

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Summer Explorations for Preschoolers Cover Image

19 Summer Explorations for Preschoolers

The Atelier offers an opportunity for Summer Explorations for preschoolers to channelize their energies during their school break. Each week brings a different theme that packs not just fun but also activities for overall development of children.

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KYCA Cricket Summer Camp 2018 Cover Image

20 KYCA Cricket Summer Camp 2018

At KYCA Cricket Summer Camp the activities are planned in such a way that students learn basics of cricket in a less stressful environment where they will enjoy their holidays and the learning process too. Don't miss the exclusive offer for BuzzingBubs subscribers!

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JSports Football Summer Camp 2018 Cover Image

21 JSports Football Summer Camp 2018

JSports Football Summer Camp is a short term coaching program conducted during summer break mainly focused on giving children the essential tricks and trade of the sport.

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Holiday Palette: Art Summer Camp Cover Image

22 Holiday Palette: Art Summer Camp

Holiday Palette, Art Summer Camp is a platter full of different art forms at Consult Art Academy. You choose any of the mediums of your choice, any week and play with colours.

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Under The Banyan Tree Cover Image

23 Under The Banyan Tree

Art Blend Cafe brings to you Under The Banyan Tree, a week long workshop with stories to cool you this hot summer. Get ready for some fun with hands-on art and craft, clay modelling, origami and much more.

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Kara4Kids Summer Camp Cover Image

24 Kara4Kids Summer Camp

Enter the world of storytelling, art and craft, dance and audio visual fun this summer a Kara4Kids enthralls your preschoolers and toddlers all through April & May. They're in for a treat!

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Trio Tots Summer Camp – Learning Across the Globe Cover Image

25 Trio Tots Summer Camp – Learning Across the Globe

Trio Tots believes in creating global citizens. Summer Camp is crossing all the boundaries this year allowing children to explore the globe. While your children have fun, make friends, enjoy their holidays and explore the globe, they will help them build up the qualities that you want them to have: creativity, patience, self-confidence and independence.

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Toddler Activity Cover Image

26 Toddler Activity

Toddler Activity Program involves building fine motor skills, social skills, building blocks and more.

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Redbridge International Academy Summer Camp Cover Image

27 Redbridge International Academy Summer Camp

Redbridge International Academy invites you to be a part of a super fun session this summer. Activities include yoga, puppet making, storytelling, pottery, music, dance, role play, talent show and loads of fun things to do.

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Hoo’s Travel Club Cover Image

28 Hoo’s Travel Club

Join HOO and travel the world in just 5 days! Listen to tales from across nations and cultures, create unique pieces of art and eat scrumptious snacks at Hoo's Travel Club. You also get to take home a wonderful scrap book along with great memories!

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SPT Sports Summer Camp Cover Image

29 SPT Sports Summer Camp

SPT Sports Summer Camp is for kids aged 5 to 14 years of age where they get to learn sports in a structured and disciplined manner.

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Taaqademy Summer Camp Cover Image

30 Taaqademy Summer Camp

Let's Rock N'Roll this summer at Taaqademy Summer Camp. Learn Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Drums and Vocals, Brush up on your Music Theory, Compose your own music and Perform on Stage.

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Ever After’s Storytelling Summer Camp Cover Image

31 Ever After’s Storytelling Summer Camp

Ever After's flagship summer program introduces children to various genres of stories and teaches them the art of oral storytelling. This 10 day workshop ends with performances by the children.

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AIMSPreschool Summer Camp Cover Image

32 AIMSPreschool Summer Camp

The AIMSPreschool Summer Camp is designed to encourage, enrich, and engage children’s hobbies, talents, and interests. They have a good mix of activities such as Chef at Work, Science Projects, Arts & Crafts, and Budding Writers.

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Vidyarambh Summer Camp Cover Image

33 Vidyarambh Summer Camp

Vidyarambh Summer Camp will be two hours of fun and learning for kids 2 to 8 yrs. They will focus on painting, dance, asanas or cooking. Activities include dance, painting, yogas, games and kiddie cooking.

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Under The Ocean, Super Heroes Cover Image

34 Under The Ocean, Super Heroes

Explore the beautiful world beneath the waves and work together with teammates to build an underwater wonderland full of dolphins, sharks and sea horses. This fun camp engages curiosity, promotes creativity enhances scientific knowledge.

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GyanPro Science Summer Camp 2018 Cover Image

35 GyanPro Science Summer Camp 2018

GyanPro Science Summer Camp 2018 has been designed based on the past experience of successful years in conducting and consulting of science workshops. The workshops have been designed in such a manner that there are adequate take home working models and supporting experiments.

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A Brand New Me: Life Skills Workshop Cover Image

36 A Brand New Me: Life Skills Workshop

A Brand New Me is a Life Skills Workshop by Happiness Pal. The coolest summer workshops for kids on life skills, transformational and motivational topics full of fun activities, games, story-telling, role plays, motivating talks and personal interactions.

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Craft-O-Mania Cover Image

37 Craft-O-Mania

Work wonders with your hands at this craft camp. Learn to do quilling, origami, Puppets, jewellery and much more. This is for kids as young as 3 yrs as we know how such activities are excellent for developing motor skills. Enroll today!

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