20 summer camps for kids in Bangalore you must sign up for today!

20 summer camps for kids in Bangalore you must sign up for today! Cover Image

It’s here! Summer’s here! With it comes our featured list of summer camps in Bangalore. Pick from this excellent array!

Buzzingbubs’ Ultimate Summer Camps Guide 2019 lists some fabulous camps for you, dear parents in Bangalore!

Here are 20 summer camps for kids in Bangalore you must sign up for today. Choose from performing arts, wildlife photography, recycle craft, travel and adventure, learning and development, Robotics, cooking, baking, creative writing and so much more!

This is a curated list. View the complete list of camps in this category here.

*Disclaimer: BuzzingBubs would like to inform parents that these are summer camps we are recommending based on the businesses listed with us. We do not help with procuring registration slots for any of the camps here nor are we personally affiliated with any of the organisers who have listed their camps. We do not conduct any summer camps of our own. Please reach out to the respective camps for details on enrolment, available slots and registration details, if any

The Spinning Wheel Summer Workshops Cover Image

1 The Spinning Wheel Summer Workshops

The Spinning Wheel is an eclectic art studio where creativity has no boundaries. You know what you'd love the most about the workshops at The Spinning Wheel, apart from the sheer variety...you can walk in ANY day and start your workshops! It's true!

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Wood Working Workshop 2019 Cover Image

2 Wood Working Workshop 2019

Skills Beyond Education is conducting Wood Working Workshop for kids this summer. Hand woodworking skills have become redundant in this age of machine & power tools.

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Young Naturalist Wildlife Camp 2019 Cover Image

3 Young Naturalist Wildlife Camp 2019

The Outback Experience proudly presents its most special and unique offering, the Young Naturalist Wildlife Camp. This specially crafted three-day camp is a perfect opportunity for children between the ages of 10 to 16, to experience the best that nature and wildlife in Bannerghatta has to offer.

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The Art of 8 Limbs Summer Camp 2019 Cover Image

4 The Art of 8 Limbs Summer Camp 2019

This Summers get fit, flexible and make yoga the new mantra for your kids. Sign up for the workshop "The Art of 8 Limbs" and introduce your children to Boxing, Yoga, Acro and Hatha Yoga.

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Back To Our Roots Summer Camp Cover Image

5 Back To Our Roots Summer Camp

Swadeshi Vyavahara & Aahara is organizing a 5 Back To Our Roots Summer Camp. A balance of indoor and outdoor activities highlighting our Indian traditions and culture to educate the next generation on how it can impact their lives in a positive way! A theme will be carried out through the day’s activities to enculcate a healthy mind, body & soul!

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Attakkalari Summer Camp 2019 Cover Image

6 Attakkalari Summer Camp 2019

Attakkalari Summer Camp aims at engaging young people through a carefully crafted dance education programme  and therefore, create teamwork, motor coordination, innovation through movement and the joy of performing on stage in front of an audience!

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IME Music Discovery Summer Camp 2019 Cover Image

7 IME Music Discovery Summer Camp 2019

Make your child's summers musical and couple it with lots of learning and fun! The Indian Music Experience is conducting a Music Discovery Summer Camp for kids. This 5 day camp has different activity for each day and aims at making your children learn cool music skills from all genre of music.

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MettaSphere Kids Wellness Camp 2019 Cover Image

8 MettaSphere Kids Wellness Camp 2019

The body and mind are equally important to overall well-being. At MettaSphere Kids Wellness Camp, natural science-backed techniques will be taught by professionals in a safe environment.

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Performing Arts: The Sunshine Stage Cover Image

9 Performing Arts: The Sunshine Stage

The Sunshine Stage is the perfect summer camp to introduce your child to the arts or encourage their interests. Learn all about the various performing arts like theatre, dance, music, costumes, stage design and more. This 30-hour intensive workshop is spread over 2 weeks and is mentored by Arati Sunawala, Priyanka Gurjar and Anushree Kini.

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Summer Music Olympics 2019 Cover Image

10 Summer Music Olympics 2019

Summer Music Olympics by Music Central is a fun music camp for the 4 to 7 year olds where music concepts and different elements of music will be taught through various sport activities and games. The camp will be divided into a section of singing, drum workouts, rhythm activities, some olympic knowledge, and some craft. 

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GenWise Summer Experience Cover Image

11 GenWise Summer Experience

GenWise Summer School for Versatilists is a program that allows children to engage with world-class mentors and exposed to STEM/Humanities curriculum. The program is facilitated by mentors from the best universities and companies from across the world. They encourage children to think on their own and experience new insights. They cover a wide range of topics and allow children to dive deep into their areas of interest.

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French Adventure Camp at Reunion Island 2019 Cover Image

12 French Adventure Camp at Reunion Island 2019

Wander Learn is organizing the very exciting French Adventure Camp at Reunion Island. Reunion Island (La Reunion in French) is a French Department in the Indian Ocean. At the camp children will explore French Classes, Cave Exploration, Heritage Tour, Active Volcano Visit, Sea Kayaking, Lava Tube Speleology, Scuba Diving and Adventure Races.

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Cupcakes Masterclass 2019 Cover Image

13 Cupcakes Masterclass 2019

Kreative Kitchen By Kamna brings to you a Cupcakes Masterclass this summers! Learn to make various flavors of cupcakes and their delicious frostings. Also, the workshop will share their tried and tested recipes and the right baking and frosting techniques. Moreover, all the recipes are Egg-less!

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Illustrated Journaling – The Story of Food Cover Image

14 Illustrated Journaling – The Story of Food

Lightroom Book Store is hosting a 6 Illustrated Journaling workshop for kids. It will introduce them to illustration as a means of everyday documentation, reflection and ideation. The special focus of the workshop is on the journey of food! Children will understand how food is grown, processed, packaged, distributed, consumed and finally disposed.

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Dragnpi Math Camp 2019 Cover Image

15 Dragnpi Math Camp 2019

Jigyasa the School and SIRPI have teamed up to put together an exciting set of program to teach children math and logic in an engaging and visual manner. The Dragnpi Math Camp is a 3 weeks summer camp to engage young minds in a number of games, activities structured and unstructured problems.

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ArChildren Summer Camp 2019 Cover Image

16 ArChildren Summer Camp 2019

ArChildren by Poetics is the first initiative in India to educate and engage Children and Youth about Nature, Buildings and our Built environment through the understanding of Architecture. ArChildren aims to provide young minds a platform where they are free to explore and understand our built environment through play and imaginative projects.

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Phirki – Summer Camp 2019 Cover Image

17 Phirki – Summer Camp 2019

This one-of-a-kind workshop spread over 5 days brings together the who's who from the storytelling, dance, theatre, craft, photography and cooking worlds. Children will be guided by professionals even as they have fun! Trust us on this!

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PDCSE Multisport Summer Camp 2019 Cover Image

18 PDCSE Multisport Summer Camp 2019

Run, kick, throw, jump! This multi sport summer camp at the Padukone-Dravid Centre for Sports Excellence will expose your child to multiple sports during their holidays.

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Capoeira Workshop 2019 Cover Image

19 Capoeira Workshop 2019

The Brazilian art of Capoeira  isn’t easily pigeonholed. It’s at once a game, a fighting form, a sport, a cultural expression and a whole lot more. It’s also an activity with a whole bunch of health benefits. This summer come and challenge yourself at Capoeira Workshop and discover this mix of dance and martial art from Brazil.

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Squash Summer Camp 2019 Cover Image

20 Squash Summer Camp 2019

Join the Summer Squash Camp 2018 with Ray Malik School of Squash at Centre for Sports Excellence.

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