11 summer camps for kids in Bangalore you must sign up for today!

11 summer camps for kids in Bangalore you must sign up for today! Cover Image

It’s here! Summer’s here! With it comes our featured list of summer camps in Bangalore. Pick from this excellent array!

Buzzingbubs’ Ultimate Summer Camps Guide 2016 lists some fabulous camps for you, dear parents in Bangalore!

Here are 11 featured summer camps for you to check out. Choose from money matters, mosaic fun, travel and adventure, learning and development, gymnastics, Robotics, cooking, baking, creative writing and so much more!

Disclaimer: All of the summer camps mentioned in the article are Sponsored camps listed in our Summer Camp Guide 2016.

Unleash The Inner Artist Cover Image

1 Recreate magic with some creative weaves at this workshop!

Come, and weave some magic with Rakhi Mutreja. The Spinning Wheel is an eclectic studio where everyone gets an opportunity to discover and explore their creative side. The "unleash the inner artist" workshop packs four weeks of learning and exploring creativity through different art forms and material every week.

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Money Matters – Cilre Cover Image

2 Learn about money through fun & play with Cilre this Summer

Understanding and managing money is a necessary life skill, today. Money Matters is a financial literacy workshop for children above 8 years. Children will learn about how money came to be, the value of money and how to manage it through fun activities, role plays and games. Hurry, the seats do fill in fast!

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Globetrippers Summer Camp Cover Image

3 Travel to different countries without leaving the room!

The famous Globetrippers camp will simulate travel to different countries with fun-filled games, crafts, audiovisuals, music & demonstration.

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Merry Go Learn Summer Camp 2016 Cover Image

4 Join us soon for some fun at noon. Next batch starts April 11.

Merry Go Learn is conducting summer courses which will be for 2 weeks (10 sessions). The courses are available in 4 convenient batches during morning and afternoon for ages 4-13 years. Choose from a wide range of activities from robotics to aero-modelling to puppetry and cooking. Hurry, to grab the early bird and sibling discounts!

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Sparkling Mindz Summer Camp 2017 Cover Image

5 Challenge yourself to a creative feat or tap the feet to rhythmic tales with Sparkling Mindz

Sparkling Mindz is a Harvard, IIM and ISB Alumni venture where children are encouraged to try things differently and develop a curious mind. Aimed at kids between 3-6 yrs & 6-9 yrs, the sessions help them to think creatively through play and stimulate their minds through stories. Won't you like your child to be there?

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PlayGym Summer Camp Cover Image

6 Stretch or sketch, sway or play; learn some life skills on the way!

PlayGym summer camp offers an eclectic mix of Gymnastics, dance, karate, football, Aikido, art & craft, baking, cricket and so much more. The kids can enjoy weekly movies too! Enroll for as little as 1 week. Healthy snacks available. Early birds stand to receive special benefits. Hurry!

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Building Blocks of Life Cover Image

7 Enact a play or tell tall tales; be crafty or scientific with Building Blocks of Life!

Building Blocks of Life aims to enrich lives by empowering individuals, supporting them exceed their potential. Join Merry Go round or Cilre, CraftyNutz or Novotech Robo as they enrich your experiences with their sessions in theatrics, communication skills, robotics, stories or artwork. Come, experience the fun of learning together.

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Junior Masterchef – Divas and Dudes Cover Image

8 Master cooking tricks and dining tips from around the world!

Junior Masterchef at Divas and Dudes is the yummiest Summer Camp which features the  Master Class session where children learn the art of cooking and baking and go around the world in 10 amazing recipes. Also, learn the fine art of dining or table setting and food trivia. Strike up friendships as you cook.

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RBTA Summer Slam Tennis Coaching Camp Cover Image

9 Ace a serve or smash with ease at this tennis camp with Rohan Bopanna!

This tennis coaching camp offers a host of activities including wholesome tennis skills workshops, a range of workouts designed to improve your child's agility, balance, and strength including a selection of innovative and exciting tennis/ fitness games that will keep kids engaged and enthused. Don't miss the opportunity to meet and play with Rohan Bopanna!

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Children’s Acting Training Cover Image

10 Learn origami aero dynamics or some fine theatrics

Get your child to focus more on freeing the mind from physical and mental restrictions they have inadvertently acquired from their environment at the acting workshop by Tent Cinemas. If your child fancies being a pilot then the origami workshop will prove an awesome experience in learning to mount and glide a paper plane.

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Summer Camp at iLeap Indiranagar Cover Image

11 Work creatively to better your best skill at this camp!

This is a 6-week camp that will enhance memory and language skills, cognitive understanding and help kids reach their creative potential. There will be lots of engaging activities around art, music, science, books and much more. A holistic camp, we'd say!

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