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Storytelling through Stop Motion Animation with Cyrus Broacha

Storytelling through Stop Motion Animation with Cyrus Broacha

Learn storytelling through stop motion animation in this fun workshop by Toiing! This is an live instructor-led online course where kids get to learn the Art of Storytelling through Stop Motion Animation from the legendary Cyrus Broacha (through pre-recorded videos, anchored by him) and pick up some cool tips from industry experts. They’ll also get hands-on learning session on storytelling, storyboarding techniques and more. That’s not all, there’s a lot of fun activities, after-class & group projects and a monster building set which they can get for FREE!

Here’s a quick checklist of the things you’ll need for the workshop:

  • Laptop, Desktop or Tab with a functioning webcam and stable internet
  • Smartphone with Stop Motion Studio App
  • DIY Tripod: Wooden Ruler/ Flat Pan Turner or Spatula, Scrunchie or Rubber Band, 4 Thick Books.
    Check this video on how to make the tripod
  • Stop Motion Movie Props: Chart Paper (any colour) or White paper, Scissors, Crayons or Coloured Papers