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Stop Motion Champs

Stop Motion Champs

Stop Motion Champs is an online workshop designed by seasoned marketing professionals where your kids can learn how to make their first stop motion animation video. The Stop Motion Champs workshop will provide kids with hands-on training from an experienced and trained instructor along with a fun theory pre-recorded session delivered by Cyrus Broacha and an industry expert.

Things you’ll need for the workshop

  • Laptop, Desktop or Tab with a functioning webcam and stable internet
  • Smartphone with Stop Motion Studio App: Download using link
  • DIY Tripod: Wooden Ruler/ Flat Pan Turner or Spatula, Scrunchie or Rubber Band, 4 Thick Books – Check this video on how to make
  • Stop Motion Movie Props: Chart Paper (any colour) or white paper, Scissors, Crayons or Coloured Papers


Pre-registration is mandatory for this workshop