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STEM Camps by MakersLoft

STEM Camps by MakersLoft

Ready to put some fun into learning? MakersLoft is all set with their fun educational weekly camps for kids 2-12 years old starting, April 5 until June 12. It’s going to be a great way to keep your child engaged as they learning new skills. The camps are designed to help children explore new fields that appeal to them and for parents to gauge their child’s interest in the new extra-curricular program.

Discover Screenless Coding: Age Group 4 – 5 years

Using a colourful robot and remote control, in this workshop kids will learn to code – entirely screen free. They will program the robot by entering a code on the remote and then ask the robot to ‘run the code’. Kids will learn the basic concepts of coding like algorithms, loops and debugging while playing with the robot. Kids who learn the basic concepts of coding will also be learning ways to problem solve and think creatively and logically – skills which are important for students as it will help with various subjects like math later on.

Discover Mechanics: Age Group 4 – 5 years

This hands-on camp introduces students to the fascinating world of machines and mechanisms – that most children are curious about but they never get to learn in school until much higher grades or even at engineering level. Students will learn to build models of machines that fascinate them like bikes, cars, fire trucks, swings etc. They will learn the science behind how simple machines work. The workshop is for kids aged 4-5 years

Early Simple Machines: Age Group 4 – 6 years

This camp is aimed to ignite natural curiosity and foster a love of discovery and investigation. In five days, the students will learn five themes and will build models like measuring cars, pinwheels, bridges, ice hockey players, spinning tops, dogs and more. Since this workshop involves building with hands, it will help them develop creativity, patience, concentration and focus along with problem solving and lateral thinking skills.

Discover 3D Doodling: Age Group 8 – 12 years

Let your child’s creativity run wild this summer! With 3D Doodling pen, kids will learn how to give shape to their ideas in three dimension. Drawing in 2D is easy, but when you have to make something in 3D it tests your knowledge of geometry, physics and spatial skills. Children will make 3D ornaments, masks, decorative pieces, key chains, photo frames, rocking chairs and more. At the end of the workshop, they will take back home the models that they’ve made.

Junior Robotics: Age Group 8 – 12 years

This camp is a great combination of coding, knowledge of machines & mechanisms as well as technology. Students will construct and program interactive models that can move on different surfaces, follow a line or wall, avoid obstacles, pick and place objects, sort things, sense their environment and give feedback to user. A laptop or tab is required for this camp.

Discover Robotics: Age Group  8-12 years & 13-16 years

Robotics is the future and this camp is an introduction to it. They will learn the fundamentals of sensors, motors as well as how to program a robot to perform a task. On the first day of the camp, students will build their first robot. They will learn how to program the robot to move and do certain tasks. This camp will assess both your child’s interest and aptitude for Robotics before you sign them up for a longer course. Different curriculum will be provided for each age group and a tab or laptop is required for this camp.