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Star Gazing Camp

Star Gazing Camp

Join this exciting Star Gazing Camp with a Ship Captain, learn old sailors way of navigation, spot stars, constellations and planets without gadgets and instruments. Listen to star-lore, mysteries of our universe whilst enjoying watching the night and the morning skies. Spot the zoo-circle, learn tips on Astro-photography and to spot Andromeda Galaxy and The Milky way.

Set up your tent (DIY) & sleeping bag (both provided), enjoy a simple vegetarian dinner, sleep under castle of the night, an early morning Star-Gazing walk and have a leisurely breakfast and leave by 10AM. Sleeping Bag and Camping Tent (Sharing basis) will be provided. Do bring a flash light/torch. Do bring your own pillow and blanket (if you require one). Wash room (Toilet) facilities provided at the camp-site. Please bring your own towels.

Simple Vegetarian Dinner, Breakfast, Coffee/Tea will be provided at the camp-site. Drinking water provided. No Alcohol Allowed. Please do not consume outside food inside campus except food meant for small children.

Viewing subject to weather and light conditions.


Contact Capt. Preetham, to register.