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Sritheren’s HIPHOP INDIA Dance Co

About Sritheren’s HIPHOP INDIA Dance Co

HIPHOP INDIA DANCE Co, a performing arts & creative company, was established by Sritheren in 2005 in Bangalore. It specialises in live performances, dance training & workshops, choreography, creative concepts & execution, and lots more.

With nine years of experience under its belt, the company boasts of having an excellent staff of professional art producers, performers, and choreographers. Together they manage every detail of the stage performance: right from the conception to the execution.

The company has worked for movies, colleges, schools, TVC’s and reputed events.

Classes offered at Sritheren’s HIPHOP INDIA Dance Co

Dance Classes
✓ B-Boying✓ Bollywood✓ Hip Hop✓ Krumping✓ Lyrical✓ Popping N Locking
Age group
4 - 14 yrs

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