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About Spellbound

Our specialty is Interactive “Fun and Learn” educational books.
We are the exclusive distributors for Letterland® – child-friendly Phonics programs to teach reading, writing and spellings to young children from 2 to 8 years.

We have an extensive collection of educational products to develop Research and Reference skills in children. 
We also exhibit our books in different schools. The whole idea of this is to promote “Smart Learning” which helps a wider range of students in developing their skills.

Age group
0 to 15 years
1800 plus titles
Facility Details
✓ Wifi✓ Cctv Enabled✓ Restrooms✓ Parking✓ Kid-friendly Furniture✓ Reading Corner

Types of books

Early Readers
✓ Alaphabet Books✓ Baby Books✓ Bedtime Stories✓ First Books✓ Nursery Rhymes✓ Picture Books✓ Picture Story Books✓ Toddler Books✓ Touch & Feel Books
School going kids
✓ Action & Adventure✓ Bedtime Stories✓ Beginning Readers✓ Board Books✓ Chapter Books✓ Concept Books✓ Counting Books✓ Dictionaries✓ Easy Readers✓ Encyclopaedias✓ Fairy Tales✓ First Books✓ Holiday Books✓ Informational Books✓ Knowledge Books/ Series✓ Math✓ Middle Grade✓ Participation Books✓ Patterned Concept Books✓ Rhyming Books/ Rhythmic Books
Teens & above
✓ Action & Adventure✓ Art✓ Audio Books✓ Biography✓ Cook Books✓ Dictionaries✓ Encyclopaedias✓ Fables✓ Fantasy✓ Fiction✓ Folk Tales/ Folklore✓ Foreign Languages✓ Guide✓ Historical Fiction✓ History✓ Illustration Books✓ Informational Books✓ Issue Books✓ Knowledge Books/ Series E.G.: Time Life✓ Math✓ Middle Grade✓ Modern Fantasy✓ Mystery✓ Myths✓ Non-Fiction✓ Novels✓ Poetry & Drama✓ Prayer Books✓ Realistic Fiction✓ Romance✓ Science Fiction✓ Self Help✓ Series✓ Transition Books✓ Travel✓ Trilogies