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Sparkling Mindz

About Sparkling Mindz

Sparkling Mindz Preschool at Kalyan Nagar, North Bangalore: When you bring your child to Sparkling Mindz you get access to holistic and balanced development of your child from a team that is well-experienced and dedicated to the field of child development for the past several years.

Key Facilities
  • Transportation
  • Meal
  • Playground
Co-ed School
Board of Education
Type of School
Combination of Playgroup & Multiple Intelligences
Curriculum Details

Sparkling Mindz is a unique school conceptualized based on five guiding principles:

1. Learning as a joyous experience – Children having an intense interest in their learning and finding it joyful is an important thing. It ensures children are engaged and they push themselves to learn more. To achieve this, the school has a game-based learning methodology, flexible learning methods, a woven mix of academics and extra-curricular activities and a team of passionate professional working to make this happen every day.

2. Children as co-owners and collaborators of learning – When children take up their learning as a responsibility they share and co-own with others, their learning is not limited to a person or place. They seek new avenues for learning and it becomes a lifelong process than something which is restricted to a class.

3. Wide Angle View on Learning – Learning has a broad spectrum and should not be only about learning by rote for exams. The school has opened up the possibilities of what a school can do for a child. They have developed an innovative curriculum framework based on scientific framework which enables holistic learning. They also are connecting the school with a professional network that gives the children get inspired by the very best achievements in the world and enables them to follow their passion in every way possible.

4. Children as Change Makers – When a child closely connects to the community and starts engaging with the community’s problems, they become catalysts of change and growth, having a clearer picture of the realities of the world. This enables children to look at a world beyond their academics and constantly apply their learning. They begin to see how learning and passion can impact communities and lives around them.

5. Innovative Quality Systems – A robust assessment system which measures impact in all the different dimensions clubbed with a rigorous hiring and training system for teachers ensures quality is delivered. The school also see parents as partners in the learning process for a child and work closely with them to make learning and development happen.

How is the program structured?

In order for children to connect to and apply their learning in their day to day lives, the school has developed the ‘dbest’ curriculum framework. When your child learns through the ‘dbest’ framework they learn academics through a more holistic approach that involves design, thinking, tinkering, managing emotions, reflection and collaboration and they are inspired to stay engaged in the learning process to become confident learners.



Admission Details

Admission process at Sparkling Mindz, starts in November for the next academic year. Kindly get in touch with the school for further details.

Admissions are now open for their for 1st-5th class 2017-18. To set up an appointment, register here.

Classes & Cut-off Age
Class Age Group
Playgroup 1 year plus
Nursery 3 years plus
LKG 4 years plus
UKG 5 years plus

25:1 Child to facilitator ratio
School Bus Facility
Day Care Facility
Playground Facility
Home Cooked Meals
Well qualified staff
Safe & hygienic

School Van

School transportation is available. Kindly get in touch with the school for further details.

After School Facilities

After-school facilities are available. Kindly get in touch with the school for further details.