20 Great South Bangalore summer camps for kids

20 Great South Bangalore summer camps for kids Cover Image

From Bannerghatta to Banashankari, find a summer camp for your kids in south Bangalore this season. They’ll love them all!

These south Bangalore summer camps are a perfect way to find the camp you need, close to home! If you’re living anywhere around Banashankari, BTM Layout, Bannerghatta road or adjacent areas, this is a list you’d love.

No more hunting for camps, parents! Check out our list and enroll your children right away! From mosaic making to dance, creative writing to Zentangle, Yoga to music, slokas to phonics, you have everything under the sun. No kidding.

This is a curated list. View the complete list of camps in Bangalore here.

*Disclaimer: BuzzingBubs would like to inform parents that these are summer camps we are recommending based on the businesses listed with us. We do not help with procuring registration slots for any of the camps here nor are we personally affiliated with any of the organisers who have listed their camps. We do not conduct any summer camps of our own. Please reach out to the respective camps for details on enrolment, available slots and registration details, if any

Twinkles Summer Camp Cover Image

1 Twinkles Summer Camp

Twinkles Summer Camp brings to you a number and fun and exciting activities this Summer. Children can participate in Pottery, 3D Animal Modelling, Fireless cooking, Dance movie on Encyclopaedia, Cement Art, Woollen Art, Finger painting, Paper sculptures & lots more.

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Taranga Summer Camp for Kids Cover Image

2 Taranga Summer Camp for Kids

Madagascar Kids in association with Capello School of art brings to you 'Taranga Summer Camp for Kids'. Loads of activities for kids Art n Craft, Planting and repotting, Aatada Koota, Best of the waste, Photography, Puppetry, Dance & Skit. Fun games and much more

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Theme Based Art Summer Camp Cover Image

3 Theme Based Art Summer Camp

Let your child's imagination run wild with this creative camp that will teach them to paint Madhubani/Mithila art forms, make Puppets, art with pebbles and so much more. This along with some yoga, music and dance to kick in some energy.

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Playtopia Summer Camp 2018 Cover Image

4 Playtopia Summer Camp 2018

With the  Scorching Sun and barely any time on your hands to keep the little ones fully engaged and bleed of their energy, Playtopia aims to keep the kids immersed with loads of fun activities this summer.

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Kidz Mania Summer Masti Camp Cover Image

5 Kidz Mania Summer Masti Camp

At the Kidz Mania Summer Masti Camp kids get to indulge themselves in art & craft, puzzles, dance, yoga, shloka, drawing, terracotta, clay modelling, candle making, learning scientific experiments, karaoke, story sessions and of course some playtime in the play area. 

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Zippy Horse Riding Academy Summer Camp Cover Image

6 Zippy Horse Riding Academy Summer Camp

Horse riding, archery and fencing catch your fancy? Then this camp is meant for you. Pick from either morning or evening batches based on suitability. Camp is situated off Kanakapura road.

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ArtFolio: Folk Art Around the World Cover Image

7 ArtFolio: Folk Art Around the World

Artfolio is a journey into the folk art across the world. Children will explore the tribal art forms Africa, South America, Japan, Australia & Arabia. They will explore a variety of artforms including paintings, weaving, papier machie, stitiching and even storytelling.

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Chess Summer Camp Cover Image

8 Chess Summer Camp

The Chess Summer Camp will provide a great platform for students to learn the game of chess and have fun in a positive, safe environment supervised by the team of experienced professional coaches.

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ISKCON Summer Camp 2018 Cover Image

9 ISKCON Summer Camp 2018

At the ISKCON Summer Camp 2018 children will be engaged in activities such as art and craft, dance, english theatre, vocal music and yakshagana. They will also learn about animation video shows, Bhagvad-Gita Shlokas, Mantra Meditation, Indian Philosophy Studies, Exciting Educational Trips and fun games with Krishna.

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Process Art: Exploring Art Cover Image

10 Process Art: Exploring Art

Process Art is a popular art exploration method across the world used to help children, explore these. In this 5 day workshop children will investigate.

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Camper’s Creek Summer Camp 2018 Cover Image

11 Camper’s Creek Summer Camp 2018

Join the Camper's Creek Summer Camp, a 2 nights, sleep away camp where kids step out of their every day and immerse themselves in nature planting, cooking, trekking, staying in tents and exploring.

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Rubik’s Cube Solving Workshop Cover Image

12 Rubik’s Cube Solving Workshop

Come and learn Rubik's Cube Solving in a 15 days workshop organised by Saicubes and  STEMDroid Makeshed. Enroll your kids and help them improve their cognitive ability, thinking and memory.

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Advocate – Debate Workshop Cover Image

13 Advocate – Debate Workshop

In this Debate Workshop, you will learn some techniques and tools that are useful in debating, listen to some good debates and participate in some.

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Dance, Music & Art Camp at Pragya Academy Cover Image

14 Dance, Music & Art Camp at Pragya Academy

Pragyaa Academy of Fine Arts is organising a Dance, Music & Art camp for children aged 5 yrs to 15 yrs wherein kids will be exposed to all kinds of fine arts such as Dance, Music, Arts & Crafts by trained and from qualified professionals.

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Pragyaa Summer Camp 2018 Cover Image

15 Pragyaa Summer Camp 2018

At the Pragyaa Summer camp 2018, children enhance their cognitive, creative, problem solving &  communication skills through a varied range of age appropriate activities.

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KiddyPi Robotics Summer Camp Cover Image

16 KiddyPi Robotics Summer Camp

KiddyPi Robotics Summer Camp is a hands-on workshop for Kids. Kids will design, build and program Robots while improving teamwork skills. Workshops are designed to stimulate child's creativity and Imagination. Their Robotic workshops are exciting and fun filled providing cool essential growth experiences to carry for future. Each of their micro-projects and goal-based-scenarios is a fun combo of all three.

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Tumble Leap & Grow Cover Image

17 Leap, jump, rock or roll, it's fun to grow!

Watch your energetic toddler build muscle and fine motor skills as he/she jumps and leaps over obstacles or moves and grooves in rhythm to some catchy music. Have them seek out other kids and have unlimited fun too!

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Sporthood Summer Camp 2018 Cover Image

18 Sporthood Summer Camp 2018

Sporthood in association with Bhaichung Bhutia Football Schools brings to you Bengaluru's largest summer camp right in your neighbourhood. The football & badminton camp is set to run in 15 centres across Bengaluru, comprising of various arenas, schools & apartments. Don't miss the exclusive 25% discount for BuzzingBubs Subscribers!

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Mega Minds & Mighty Bodies Cover Image

19 Mega Minds & Mighty Bodies

At Firefly's Summer Camp Mega Minds & Mighty Bodies, children will be introduced to puzzles, fun and excitement. lilFirefly's create joyful learning centres where they learn new skills through plays, games, songs, and sports with fun, joy and Happiness.

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Robotics Summer Camp Cover Image

20 Robotics Summer Camp

At the Robotics Summer Camp, children will be using Lego Windstorm as the primary EV3 Kit to learn. Robotics consists of Design, Build, Program and Execute methodologies. EV3 use block level programming to move the Bot.

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Smart Skills Summer Camp Cover Image

21 Smart Skills Summer Camp

Enrol your kids to Smart Skills Summer Camp by Time Kids to have a fun time and engage in loads of learning activities. Kids will learn to draw, engage in word building games, Yoga/Fun exercise, Dance, creative moment, Splash pool and Mini Master Chef.

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Camp Storyville Cover Image

22 Camp Storyville

Podar Jumbo Kids brings to you Camp Storyville, a summer camp combining stories with fu, fitness and learning this summer.

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KydzAdda Summer Camp Cover Image

23 KydzAdda Summer Camp

KydzAdda Summer Camp will be a fun-filled camp for kids to experience learning with various types of material and activities. A blend of dance, drama, yoga, art & craft, cooking without fire and more will keep your kids engaged and make some great memories during this summer vacation.

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