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Soap Football

About Soap Football

Soap Football is an exciting game that was invented in Brazil, a place where people are crazy about Soccer. Soap Football perfectly embodies their love for the original sport along with some added spice and excitement. Moreover, the game caters to people of all ages and even those who have no experience with Soccer. All you need is water, some soap, and a copious amount of courage and curiosity to play this game. The resulting scenario makes for hilarious tournaments and funny animation. If that got you worried about possible injuries, rest assured that the soft-bedded floor on which the sport is played is made of multi-coloured polyester, defined by an inflatable edge which makes it practically impossible to get injured. Also, a great venue for birthdays and fun family get-togethers.

Soap Football as a Play Area

Age Group
5 yrs +
Entry Fee / Charges
Cost is Rs.2,000 weekdays and Rs.2,200 on weekends for a one hour game.
✓ Football

Soap Football as a Party Venue

Area (Sq Feet)
11,000 sq ft.
Can accommodate upto 100 people
Type of Venue
✓ Outdoor✓ Playarea

They charge Rs.2,000 on weekdays and Rs.2,200 on weekends. For each additional hour you book, you will get 500 rs off (For example, the price for 2 hrs on a weekday will be 3500 instead of 4000. The price of 2 hrs on a weekend will be 3900 instead of 4400).  All other charges such as food, activities, tent, other arrangements etc can also be arranged at actuals.

Packages depend on the number of people invited and the time duration. For further details get in touch with Soap Football Bangalore.

Minimum requirement for bookings

For a comfortbale game of soap football, at least 8 children are required (4 vs 4).