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Smile Labels

About Smile Labels

About Smile Labels

How many times have your kids lost, misplaced or simply forgotten their belongings? How many times have they come back home without their water bottle or pencil case?

Every mom knows the answer to that question is MANY TIMES!

Replacing lost items is just too expensive nowadays. The best way to save on replacement costs is to add a clear name label to everything that is taken out of the house.

We at Smile Labels help you do just that.

Our aim at Smile Labels is to provide you with easy to use stick-on labels which come in 16 attractive label designs. Simply place the waterproof labels on everything heading to school: backpacks, lunchboxes, sports gear and uniforms, water bottles, pencil cases, and then rest easy knowing expensive school supplies will return home day after day.

Our labels can withstand the everyday wear and tear and will not tear off during wash. Hence it is safe to stick our labels even on water bottles and snack/lunch boxes. Moreover, our labels are value for money and will definitely make you SMILE!

Orders can be placed online on our website which is fully functional and is integrated with a secure payment gateway. We accept different methods of payment including, card, cheque, and bank transfer.

How it all began

The idea for Smile Labels was born in Hong Kong about 3 years ago when I lived there. I noticed that my son’s friends at kindergarten and school had their bottles, lunchboxes, pencils, clothes and sportswear all labeled with personalized name labels. This was strongly encouraged by the childcare facilities and schools not just for health and hygiene reasons but also to ensure that belongings were easy to return to the owner when they got lost.

I moved back to India last year and was surprised to find that it was virtually impossible to get quality labels that would withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. This is when I came up with the idea of Smile Labels.