The Smart Way to Teach Kids About Money

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Do your kids understand money? It’s a powerful tool. Here is a summer program that teaches some fantastic money skills!

Want to raise a financially savvy child? This summer, Kidoz Montessori brings the world famous Camp Millionaire curriculum to Bangalore.

Did you know that financial literacy starts very early? Let me give you an example. Damon Williams was 6 years old when he first invested in a Nike stock. He was a huge fan of Michael Jordan and so he purchased the stock for 30 pounds. Thirteen years later, can you guess how much Williams’s portfolio is worth? 50,000 pounds. Yes, you read that right. Williams is a teen investor, someone who was not affluent but was taught by his mother that if he was smart, he could make it big. And so can your child.

This summer, Kidoz Montessori brings an international and proven curriculum on financial literacy to Bangalore.

Money skills start early

We always use the phrase “we should value money” but did you know that this value starts early? Delayed gratification, something that even a preschooler can grasp, is the cornerstone of a healthy attitude towards money.

Did you know that even India is witnessing a rise in student debt? It’s not just about how hard you work or smart you are but also about how you manage your money.

Kidoz Montessori has tied up with Thrifty Gene to bring the famous American Summer Program, Camp Millionaire, to Bangalore. Camp Millionaire, is an innovative and proven summer program for 8-16 year olds, which goes beyond basic buying and selling lessons. The program teaches your child all about money principles and packs in hands-on activities and real-life scenario games to make these lessons stick.

The Camp also reshapes a child’s attitude towards money. For instance, do you know when a child has an ‘aha’ moment about money? It is believed that when they understand passive income, it just sets a light bulb off in their heads and they understand investing and other financial instruments.

Camp Millionaire sets off this spark and then works to make children understand the value of money.

Kidoz will implement the Camp Millionaire curriculum in two thrilling programs, in Banashankari and Koramangala.

Money, money, money! Here’s how the camp can teach kids to learn all about the trade!

Money skills

  • How to make money
  • How to manage money
  • Preparing budgets and financial statements
  • Starting a savings/investment program
  • How to multiply your money
  • Your credit score
  • The magic of compound interest
  • Passive income streams

Success and life skills

  • How money can be used to give back
  • How to act on your dreams
  • How to see money as a tool for financial freedom
  • Confidence from greater knowledge about money
  • Responsibility for managing money (their own and their family’s A/C’s)
  • Greater control over their life
  • Teamwork, public speaking
  • Better ways to talk about money with others, including their parent(s)

What’s special about the Camp Millionaire curriculum

Camp Millionaire

Financial literacy is such an important life skill that even the CBSE curriculum is taking it seriously. But do lessons really teach us practical money skills? This is where the Camp Millionaire curriculum truly scores, because it gamifies the curriculum brilliantly. And you can only learn how to make money when you are actually doing it!

The camp’s proprietary financial education game, The Money Game, is a gamified curriculum that gets the kids to play real-life scenario games that include working, getting paid, managing their expenses, saving, buying assets and understanding the concept of passive incomes. When kids realize that a passive income can help them, they understand investing options and the sky is then the limit!

Says Darshan Mutha, Founder of Kidoz Montessori, “When the demonetization happened, even children were curious about money but how many of them even know about its deeper implications? Camp Millionaire gives them everything they need to do, all the signals to watch out for and how to understand money. For instance, children’s first instinct will be to buy the best, whether it is property or a car. As they move on in the game, they realize that the car costs money to maintain and that they have to pay tax. Realization of what does or doesn’t work will go a long way in helping children understand how to use money. These lessons cannot be taught in books.”

All kids are curious about money. Want to take your child’s curiosity one step further? Check out Camp Millionaire at Kidoz Montessori, Bangalore. To register for the camp, click here.

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