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Shishya Nursery

About Shishya Nursery

Shishya Nursery in Sankey Road, North Bangalore provides the best that pre-school education has to offer. The right stimulation is vital to shaping young minds to reach their star potential. Children are ever changing in ideas but never changing in the spirit of discovery and wonder.

Shishya Nursery, believes in guiding children to be well equipped for the competitive world of today where thinking and creativity hold a premium!

Type of School
Nursery teaching methods as well as Montessori teaching aids and equipment.
Curriculum Details

Their curriculum is uniquely formulated and incorporates both Nursery teaching method and Montessori techniques.

Admission Details

Application forms are given out in the 1st week on January, 2016.

Please note that only limited seats are available (1st come 1st basis). Kindly get in touch with the school for the exact date for the forms.

Classes & Cut-off Age
Class Age Group
Playgroup 2 years plus
Nursery 3 years
LKG 4 years plus
UKG 5 years plus