Feed your kids’ curiosity with scientific logic through ScienceUtsav

Feed your kids’ curiosity with scientific logic through ScienceUtsav Cover Image

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Does your child fear Science? Do you think that a child’s innate curiosity is curbed in the cold, dull Science Labs? Find out how you can encourage your kids to pursue this subject in a fun and exciting manner.

We recently purchased a non-fancy spinning wheel-top for our first grader who seemed extremely fascinated with how it worked. The plastic wheel had small strips of coloured paper stuck to one of its spokes, one that combined with a makeshift light bulb attached, made the entire wheel light up in rainbow colours as it spun around. Do you recall the scientific principle on which this was built? Yes, the ‘persistence of vision’.

My son was amazed to realize that it wasn’t magic but rather a manifestation of clever logic. This incident truly proved how science, when applied at such a simple level, can intrigue little minds and help them develop a curiosity and thirst for the subject. I wondered about the immense possibilities if only there was enough time to deviate from rigid school chapters, tinker around laws and principles, to give the kids wings to test their creativity to realms outside the known parameters of the theory.

Thankfully, we also live in an era where parallel education centres, mushrooming in a happy coexisting space, offer quality training and equip kids with tools over and above the curriculum followed at traditional schools.

Buoyed by my son’s inquisitive questions and a spiked interest in carrying out home experiments, I looked for a summer camp that would keep the spark alive and burning. That’s when I came across the Summer Camp Programs by ScienceUtsav.

Practicality is everything!


Aimed at students of different age groups, they have formulated programs that are suited to kids between 5-14 years of age. As I enquired further, I was thrilled to discover that there would be only practical activities, hands-on science experiments that explained the concepts. They had a capable team to address the innumerable questions and explain the experiments. But, most of all, the kids would be encouraged to evaluate their own findings.


It seemed exactly what I was looking for too. The modules are thoughtfully designed for each of the age-groups with suitable topics. For instance, senior kids between grades 6 and 8 would be trained to detect the adulterants found in food and make home-made glue. How wonderful is that! I was equally impressed at the prospect of my first grader learning to make bathing soap and also understand that his toy car that glows in the dark is actually an applied scientific principle. Not only this, the kids are even allowed to take back home the models they would build each day through the entire duration of the summer camp.


Incorporating the 5 E elements – Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate & Evaluate


Each day of the 10-day camp brings in a new concept and new experiments to test and evaluate the concept. The hands-on activities meant that the kids would be able to ponder over the said concept and explore the idea beyond the obvious. It appealed to the kinesthetic parent in me who believes that kids learn faster by doing and observing rather than passive listening. Apart from incorporating such interesting pedagogy and practical training, ScienceUtsav uses other teaching props like quizzes, role plays, puzzles, card games and word games based on scientific vocabulary.

While I enroll my son for this camp now, I urge you, parents, to check out their programs as well. Perhaps, you’d find what you’re looking for right here. For the ones who are keen for their kids to pursue a course beyond the summer programs, ScienceUtsav does conduct regular courses and programs that are aligned with the school curriculum.

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* This is a post in collaboration with the brand. The information and opinions are unbiased and stated as it were.

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