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About ScienceHopper

About us

ScienceHopper aims to bring out the spirit of curiosity and questioning in the minds of young ones. We believe that the best way to do this is to ‘Catch them Young’ and make them hypothesise and experiment so that science becomes a “fun” subject. Our sessions are ‘Hands-On’, fun-filled and exciting. We do not do demos and lectures. Using carefully structured, age-appropriate curriculum, our instructors enable children to discuss concepts, explore theories and learn science in a practical and fun way.

Classes offered at ScienceHopper

Enhanced Learning
✓ Mental Maths Classes
Learning & Development
✓ Science✓ Science Experiment✓ Speech/Drama
Age group
6 to 13 years
What kids learn
Children learn science in a 'fun' way by doing hands-on experiments, activities, models and games.
Class size
Each class has a maximum of 15 students.
Student teacher ratio
12 : 1 (2 Science Coaches in case of 15 students)
Batch timings

Saturday forenoons

1 hour
Students are provided with hand outs about the concepts and experiments covered in class.
How to register
To register with them or for further details, please refer to the email address and contact number mentioned above.