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Sakleshpur Nature Camp

Sakleshpur Nature Camp

Sakleshpur Nature Camp is not only the perfect way to help children experience the stunning beauty and rich fauna of the Western Ghats, but is also designed to set the foundation for a lifelong hobby of birdwatching and inculcating an interest in naturalist history, while also teaching children basic wilderness survival skills through fun games and activities. The stay at Wild Wag Tail Nature camp is full of fun and adventure with exciting nature trails around Bisle Ghat and other areas rich in bird life, with the promise of an amazing bird watching experience.

Participants will be attending session on unique approaches to birdwatching, several nature walks and birdwatching trails, setting up of camera traps, bush skills and wilderness survival activities and games.  Activities have been designed to help children think through bio-diversity issues and solutions.

Why join this camp

  • The camp has been designed to inculcate a lifelong interest in birdwatching and natural history, learning unique approaches to birdwatching from their experienced and certified naturalists.
  • Designed in line with E.R.A. Model:
    • Experience: and includes hands-on activities that inspire inquiry, imagination and enthusiasm
    • Reflect: On the roles and interconnections between various micro and macro components of the ecosystem
    • Act: On one’s inner need to play an active role in the ecosystem
  • Teaches you how to survive in the wild through important bush skills
  • Lets you experience the sheer beauty of the Western Ghats


To register for the camp or know more details, get in touch with Subhadra at +91-9449929024