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Royal Equestrian Academy

About Royal Equestrian Academy

Royal Equestrian Academy offers horse riding coaching, which truly is a king’s sport and always fascinating for kids to learn and ride a horse. Royal Equestrian Academy has qualified instructors  and marvellous horses to cater to needs of nervous beginners and advanced riders. Royal Equestrian Academy promises to teach horse riding in a way you’ve always dreamed off. Whether you choose to enter the world of competition or simply enjoy a day of countryside on horseback, they make sure all of your riding fantasies come true. They do everything to make the riding experience fun, thrilling and adventurous!

Royal Equestrian Academy as a Party Venue

Can accommodate upto 50 people
Type of Venue
✓ Outdoor

Pricing on weekdays is Rs. 500/- and weekends Rs. 750/- per person. The cost includes 15 minutes of ride time and the venue charges. Food is not included.

Minimum requirement for bookings

Minimum 10 children to organise the birthday party

Time slots for parties
4:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Party duration
3 to 4 hours

In-house catering not available. The customers can organise food catering of their choice.

Kid-friendly furniture
Basic furniture is provided at the venue.

Classes offered at Royal Equestrian Academy

Sports Coaching
✓ Horse Riding
Age group
4 years +
What kids learn
Children learn the art of horse riding and get into a routine of physical fitness.
Class size
Maximum 8 children per class.
Student teacher ratio
Batch timings

Tuesday to Friday:
Morning Batch: 6:00 am to 9:00 am
Evening Batch: 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm

45 Minutes
Rs.9000/- Monthly Plan Rs.7000/- Weekday/Weekend Plan
Yes participation in State/National/International level competitions are available.
How to register
Call or visit the venue to register