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LEGO Robotics and STEM Summer Camp 2019

LEGO Robotics and STEM Summer Camp 2019

At the RoboLectro STEAM Summer Camp, kids will explore Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math through fun and by building hands-on activities. They are LEGO Certified trainers from Carnegie Mellon University, USA and are exclusive center for LEGO Education. In this summer camp, they are going to provide Science and Robotics concept through unique experiments, make and take science projects, build and code Robots, Role-plays and worksheets.

They have age appropriate programs and each one has various fun and learning activities.

LEGO Robotics (UKG – Grade 9)

  • UKG – Grade 2:
    Kiddo Robotics: Kids build LEGO WeDo Robots individually and learn science concepts
  • Grade 2 – Grade 4:
    Junior Robotics: Kids build LEGO Mindstorm EV3 robots and learn about simple mechanisms.
    Discover Space through LEGO Robotics: Kids explore about Space and build robots to solve missions. Also, kids go on a field trip to Team Indus company to learn about Moon Rovers and interact with a scientist.
  • Grade 5 and above:
    Senior Robotics: Kids build and code robots using LEGO Mindstorm EV3 robots. Through each robot, they learn STEM concepts.
    Design Engineering through Space Robotics: Kids will learn the Engineering Design Process by solving space missions through building and coding LEGO Robots. This course includes a fieldtrip to Team Indus – Moon shot

Game Development (Grade 2 – 4)

Instead of kids playing games, give an opportunity for kids to learn to develop games. Kids learn drag and drop software to develop animations, games and stories. 

Android App Development (Grade 5 and above)

Transform your kids from users of mobile apps to developers of android apps. Kids use drag and drop software to build apps and test in the android phones.

Design Engineering Through LEGO Robotics (Grade 5 and above)

Kids learn about the Engineering Design process through this course. The problem statement related to Space missions are given to the kids. Kids brainstorm, build and code robots to solve these challenges and conclude in a final project that can be shared and presented. Throughout the process, students gain and use knowledge of science, technology, and mathematics as they engineer a solution. This course includes a Field Trip to Team Indus – Moonshot where they learn about the Rovers to be sent to explore the moon and interact with a scientist.