How Redbridge devised a world-class sports program right here in Bangalore

How Redbridge devised a world-class sports program right here in Bangalore Cover Image

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Looking for a school with an excellent sporting culture? Redbridge has world-class facilities and the professional moxie to back it up.

When I visited Redbridg International Academy a few months ago, I saw a boy with a cricket ball and a bat, playing outside in the campus. He bounced the ball off a wall and batted it all by himself, oblivious to the people around him. School hours were over and the lack of other players was not a deterrent to him at all. He just went on playing. I was torn between admiration and envy – admiration, because he seemed to be quite a good player, and envy, because he was passionate about something to the point of indifference to the world around him. Adults rarely feel as passionate about something.

As it turns out, the boy is in great hands Apart from its world-class infrastructure and excellent mentorship, the Redbridge sports program uses rather a unique way to introduce children to sports.

A huge variety of individual and team sports

Redbridge International Academy

The Redbridge International Academy’s sporting facilities have to be seen to be believed. In 2015, the school received the Best Institutional Architecture Award – BERG, Singapore. Apart from the huge badminton court, running tracks, two volleyball courts and a soccer stadium, they also have facilities for table tennis, cricket and a host of indoor and individual sports. One can imagine how grand the matches will appear in Redbridge’s enormous badminton court. The bleachers packed with excited spectators and the roar of applause that surrounds unforgettable moments? We all know the feeling.

Redbridge presently offers football, karate, skating, table tennis, badminton, basketball, throwball, volleyball, athletics and long jump by way of team sports. Carom, snooker and chess are the individual sports on offer. The more popular sports in the school? You’d be surprised to know that cricket is not on that list, although many students play it! Football, badminton, table tennis and chess are the most popular sports in the school.

Skating is another immensely popular sport, as kids can practice even in their neighbourhoods or apartment complexes. Professional coaches introduce the students to a variety of sports. The coaches also identify new talents and children with excellent skills for specific sports. Based on the identified skills, the coaches introduce the nuances of the game in a fun, engaging way, so that the child does not lose interest. Apart from this, the Redbridge International Academy does something different to make its children fall in love with sports.

On Wednesdays, we make sure that the children experience all the sports facilities on campus. During this free time, children play the sport as a game, have fun with it but we also assess them, what they like and don’t like.

Every Wednesday is spent out of class!

Redbridge International Academy Football Match

Like other schools, the Redbridge International Academy has a designated PE hour. Unlike most other schools, however, Redbridge does something pretty amazing – every Wednesday, after lunch, there are no classes. Children spend the rest of the day out in the field or in the indoor sporting centres, exploring some sport or the other. The rules and regulations that go with the sport come later. The children are first introduced to the games and have fun with them.

Says Rohan Agarwal, Chairman of Redbridge International Academy, “On Wednesdays, we make sure that the children experience all the sports facilities on campus. We offer many disciplines and plan to offer more soon. During this free time, children play the sport as a game, have fun with it but we also assess them, what they like and don’t like. We let them experience the sports. A child may not like traditional sports but will find yoga very calming and yoga is an important part of our sports curriculum. We make sure that if the students choose a sport, they stick to it. If it is football, for example, we make sure they learn about the sport, understand formation, how to play in matches.”

A sporting culture that leads to long-term achievements.

Sree Rutvika Chess Champion

The founders of Redbridge are passionate about sports and this is seen in their promotion of a sporting culture on campus. While trophies and awards form an important part of the sporting goals at Redbridge, physical education is promoted with a larger purpose in mind – to encourage positive attitudes towards physical activity and well being.

Children learn the skills required to participate with confidence and enjoyment in a range of activities both at school and within the wider community, and to appreciate the place of regular exercise as way of keeping fit and healthy. They learn to compete in tough matches. After all, while passion for the game is important, mind sports like chess require intensive coaching. Students learn how to strategize, have tremendous focus and take control of the game. They train in speed and strength, understand team work, learn how to make use of time and to also make crucial decisions that can make or break a game.

Matches and tournaments

Football Coaching at Redbridge International Academy

Redbridge has played many matches, both in and outside its campus. The school has some thrilling inter-house football matches, a community event for the entire school and faculty. The school also took part in the athletics meet held at the Jayaprakash Narayan Stadium, Vidyanagar , Hebbal. This year, they plan to increase the volume of sporting events in a huge way. They will have inter-house tournaments for football, cricket, badminton, chess, basketball, athletics and table tennis. They also plan to extend their famous inter-school matches to include cricket, badminton and chess.

What makes the sports program at the Redbridge International Academy unique? Apart from the trophies won, the discipline achieved or the number of PE hours clocked in, it is about cultivating a love for the sport and a passion for excellence. And Redbridge does this in a remarkable way.

Does your child have a talent for sports? Contact the admissions desk at Redbridge International Academy to set up a meeting!

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