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Red Soil Nature Play

About Red Soil Nature Play

Red Soil Nature Play is an environment designed to provide young children with a nurturing space where they can immerse themselves in nature, wonder, explore, discover, connect and experience a sense of place and belonging with the natural surroundings.

At Red Soil Nature Play, children can run wild and free. They can climb trees, jump on rocks and boulders, play with water from a stream, make mud pies in the mud kitchen, stomp their feet in a mud pool, hang around butterflies and birds, water plants, run through tunnels, or just day dream.

Red Soil Nature Play is a not a park or a farm or an activity centre. It is a natural ecosystem where children can engage in ‘unstructured play’ by their own selves.

What you can do at Red Soil Nature Play?

  • Become a member and get daily access to Red Soil Nature Play. Grow your vegetables at our community garden
  • Celebrate your child’s birthday at our exclusive outdoor venue for children
  • Let your little sprouts play and grow in a natural free play environment. Enrol them in Red Soil Nature Play Group
  • Let your children build their own nest and imagine their future environment at ArChildren
  • Stretch, relax and build your mind and body with Red Soil Outdoor Yoga programme¬†and be a part of change for a better future!

Red Soil Nature Play as a Play Area

Age Group
0 - 14 yrs
Entry Fee / Charges
Day Passes: Rs.150/- for 4 hours (For Child+Parents)
Group passes available
Membership Charges: Rs.2000/- per month
Bonus Features
✓ Cafe

Red Soil Nature Play as a Party Venue

Area (Sq Feet)
Open air amphitheatre area - 8000 sqft
Can accommodate upto 100 people
Type of Venue
✓ Outdoor✓ Playarea
  • At Red Soil Nature Play kids can play in the stream, mud kitchen, sandpit, mud pool, herb garden, check out the gardening spaces and for free unstructured play enjoy at rocks and mounts.
  • They can organise various fun nature based activities such as
    • Mud party: Kids can play in mud kitchen and mud pool
    • Outdoor art party: Paint on a canvas
    • Scavenger hunt: Play a game of hidden treasures
    • Kite party: Make kites and fly kites (Kite making workshop + Fly your kites)
    • Pottery party: Play with clay
  • They can also organise natured based birthday return gifts such as plantable seed papers, pencil seeds and Red Soil Spring Boxes
Minimum requirement for bookings

No minimum number required to book the place.

Time slots for parties
7:30 am to 6:00 pm
Party duration
3 hours
At Red Soil Nature Play the decor theme is around nature. The decorations are made from natural materials such as leaves, flowers, paper, fruits and vegetables.

Food can be organised from the Nature Cafe at Red Soil Nature Play.