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About QShala

QShala is a general awareness programme for school children which helps them develop a Questioning and Qurious mind-set through fun and engaging Quizzes and Quests, group activities, story- telling and field trips. They use quizzes, stories, discussions and activities to provide deeper context to curriculum. At QShala, children are encouraged to ask questions, think critically, work in teams and solve problems methodically. The program includes questions and stories from a wide range of topics – from maths to magic, from the constitution to current affairs. Their engaging audio-visual presentation format make sure that the children have the time of their lives.

Classes offered at QShala

Learning & Development
✓ General Knowledge
Age group
8 - 14 years
What kids learn
Each QShala workshop is broadly divided into 4 sections.
  • Current Affairs – Studying current events helps students understand the importance of people, events, and issues in the news; it stimulates students to explore and learn more about the news, and to pay attention to the news they see and hear outside of school.
  • Activities to enhance the students’ skill set. For eg: Listening activity (help children be better listeners), Reading activity (help them read better), Newspaper activity (familiarize the newspaper and make it more accessible)
  • A new topic every workshop which is aimed at building interest. For eg: Science & Technology, Wildlife, Greek Mythology, Roman Empire, German, Sports, (something fun that children are excited to talk about too – like Cartoons, YouTube stars) etc.
  • Special rounds like the long visual connection which will help improve their lateral thinking skills. The content is designed to build curiosity, confidence and courage in students. Additionally, it also ensures that students retain their interest over the course of the programme and beyond.
    Class size
    Upto 35 per batch
    Batch timings

    Saturday: 10:30 am to 12:00 pm, multiple batches running.

    90 minutes

    Information discussed in the program will be shared online. Further, each student gets the year long subscription for QShala App where they get 5 QCards daily. The content discussed in class is provided to them as soft copies. Qshala makes the shared content interactive so that this is fun and will stick longer with the children.

    Rs.6900/- for 14 sessions
    How to register
    Get in touch with Qshala to know more about the program. Click here to register for the program.