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Promise Centre

About Promise Centre

Promise Centre is a 25 year old kindergarten community in Bangalore. The school broke away from the traditional methods of teaching language and numbers and incorporated the Waldorf system, making them the first Waldorf Kindergarten community in the State of Karnataka in the year 2005. A fully fledged Waldorf Kindergarten came into being 3 year years later.

Curriculum Details

At a Waldor Eductaion all the children between the ages of 2.10 and 6.5 are in one batch. And the number of children does not exceed 28. Teacher child ratio is 1:14

Admission Details
  • Admission process starts between the months of October to January.
  • New term starts in the month of June.
  • Admission forms can be collected from the school premises only.
  • All children pay Rs. 20,000/- as admission fees and Rs.12,000/- per term (3 terms per academic year)
  • Yes, there is an interview process, which includes a meeting with parents, filling up a form about the child’s development milestones and a readiness test for the child which does not evaluate academics.
  • The concerned parent can call or e-mail us for an appointment, following which can visit us.
  • Spacious well-equipped classroom
  • Sand-pit & playground
  • A well-endowed library of children’s books
  • Kitchen for the children
Snack options

Children carry a fruit every day and parents provide lunch to the entire class on a rotational basis

School Van

Transport facility is available.