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Prayag Montessori School

About Prayag Montessori School

Prayag is a private Montessori House of Children serving children between the age group of 2 to 6 years. The management of Prayag feels that children need the benefits of having individual attention, as the first formative years are very crucial and also difficult from the perspective of the child. Today’s child misses the security and comfort of the extended family and safety of having family during their formative years. This is where Prayag wants to step in. The Management and staffs of Prayag believe that every child deserves a safe, warm and caring environment to grow and develop.

Prayag offers children a “Home away from Home” where they can relax, settle down and learn as they work. The environment at Prayag has been designed to allow children to move around freely and it also provides a spacious work and play area. Cleanliness and Hygiene play a very important role in Prayag’s Environment.

With regard to the adults/teachers at Prayag Montessori, all the adults are trained and certified by “Indian Montessori Training Centre” and “India Montessori Association”. They maintain a 1:12 ratio i.e each adult has 12 children to observe and present.

In their Pre-school environment they have NTT trained adults to help all children enrolled for a year. If the parents wish to continue their child’s schooling or if a non-montessori child would like admission for LKG or UKG, Prayag also offers these as part of their pre-school curriculum.

Type of School
Admission Details

Children should have completed 2 years 5 months at the time of admission to be eligible for the same. Admissions typically operate between December and March, unless seats are available.

Classes & Cut-off Age
Class Age Group
Montessori 2 years & above

They have a day care. Their facilities offer a safe, convenient and nurturing environment with spacious, airy classrooms and child-centered interiors furnishings.

Other facilities include:

  • Work and play spaces designed to encourage exploration, independence and cooperation.
  • Secure, extensive outdoor recreation area, continually supervised.
  • Complete range of beautiful, appealing Montessori learning materials.
  • State of the art computers with Internet access, extensive library.
  • Ample, convenient parent parking with safe, easy pick-up and drop for your children.
  • LCD Projection systems.
School Van

Pick up and drop facility available. Contact the school for more information.

After School Facilities

After-school childcare is available at the Prayag for all working parents’ children only. They call it “Almost Family Center”. They aim to provide a homely environment so as to help the children not miss their home. This facility is available till 6:00 pm only. Here children are offered classes from 4:00 pm onwards.

Shlokas (3 yrs and above), Bharatnatyam dance (6 yrs and above) & Yoga (8 yrs and above) are offered here.