PlayPort at Kempegowda International Airport keeps kids happy while they wait

PlayPort at Kempegowda International Airport keeps kids happy while they wait Cover Image

PlayPort at BIAL, an initiative kicked off by the airport in 2011, is back for the third time this year with activities and games to keep kids engaged at the airport! Travel, anyone?

Ever worried about the 2 to 3 hour wait before your flight takes off, especially when you are travelling with kids? As parents, we know it can be stressful. You’re left wondering if there’ll be something to keep the kids engaged or out of trouble, while you juggle passports and boarding passes and food for the kids all at once!

If you’re traveling into or out of Bangalore between now and the 15th of May with kids in tow, then you’re in luck!

For the third time since 2011, Bengaluru airport’s flagship event, ‘PlayPort’ which is geared to keep young kids (and old!) engaged as they transit through the airport, is back with fun events!

Why PlayPort

In their own words, ‘PlayPort’ has been designed to ‘enhance passenger experience and deliver a fun and frolic-filled event and create an impactful buzz about an event in the city’.

Whether you want a mini carnival or a set of gaming zones, ‘PlayPort’ has you covered and how! Choose from hopscotch near the check-in counter to hitting the target with the hammer. Oh, the fun of it all!

Then and Now

This year’s theme is aptly titled ‘Then and Now’ and incorporates some fun elements from childhood of those who grew up in the ’80s and ’90s. That’s right.

They’re keeping the big kids happy too!

As kids growing up over 20 years ago, you’d probably remember the fun times and games you spent playing with your siblings and cousins. PlayPort hears you and brings together everything from Ludo to Snakes and Ladders, so you can enthrall your kids with your knowledge of simple, home grown fun. And let’s face it, there’s nothing like play to put a spring in your step and kick start your vacation on the right note.

Everyone is welcome

Psst! Guess what! If you’re planning to go to the airport to receive family or friends, there’s something for you too. That long drive to the airport doesn’t seem so bad now, does it?

Key Features:

  • It’s completely free of charge.
  • Most games are targeted at 2 – 12 year plus.
  • Friendly assistants are present at every gaming station who explain the rules to the kids patiently.
  • Crossword Bookstore has a small set up for the bookworms.
  • Cafe Noir, just outside, has a special kids’ menu for this period.
  • It’s on from May 1st to May 15th, 2016.

1. Games to watch out for Outside the Domestic Airport


Toddler Zone

Let your two to three year old kids have the run of the place as they delight themselves in the soft and padded play zone, meant exclusively for them!


Angry Birds

If you or your kids have played this game, you know this is a winner! Catapult those birds into the bricks and watch the pigs fall!


Digital Highstriker

Want to test those superhuman muscles your kids have? Yes, we know they use them on you regularly. Time to invest that energy elsewhere. Get them to see how far they can hit the beam.


Dart Board

Think you have it in you to hit the bull’s eye? Well, don’t think. Try it out and tell us if you manage. Hey, it’s so close. How can you miss?


Joey Jump

Okay, this one’s super cute! Get the kids to hit the trampoline and send the baby kangaroos (Joeys) into their moms’ pouches. So addictive!


Lifesize Ludo

If you have more time to kill, introduce your children to the most-played game from your childhood. Oh, what hours of fun this one was. Remember rolling a six, whooping in joy as you exited the start point and racing to reach ‘home’? Ah, what memories!

Eating out!

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2. Games to watch out for inside the Domestic Airport



A floor graphic has been created near the check-in counters and the bright colours will draw your kids like a magnet!


India Post Box

This is, by far, the cutest thing your kids can do which will bring back nostalgic memories for you too. Kids can write a letter to someone on a postcard and write their postal address too. BIAL’s team will send the letter out for you. Now, Isn’t that adorable?


Lifesize Jenga

We’re sure you’ve played this as a kid. Remember pulling out just one brick and making sure the tower doesn’t fall? Best game ever! Do it in the lifesize version. There’s a whole thrill watching something that big trying to stay untouched.



Yep. You heard that right. There’s even a movie zone where kids can watch cartoons and wait. Perfect for the little ones!



Have kids who are interested in sketching and Lego? Zwoosh is for them. Watch as they immerse themselves in this tiny toy store. Just don’t miss your flight!


Floppy Drive & Pac Man

Show your kids what a floopy drive looked like. Trust me, they’re not going to see it again. Oh and Pac man enthusiasts, your kids can run into the tiny maze and relive your digital memories for you.

Playport_MTC Thali menu

Eating In

Do check out MTC’s Special Menu designed just for you



How lovely is this? A cutout of a plane where your kids can strap on helmets and snap pictures; now this is all about making memories!

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  • Magician
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