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PlayGym, Kothanur

About PlayGym, Kothanur

PlayGym is a Creative, Joyful and Energizing place for kids of all ages. Let the imagination run wild through play!

PlayGym, Kothanur as a Play Area

Age Group
1 - 12 yrs
Entry Fee / Charges
Drop in
1 Hour Rs.250/-
2 Hours Rs.350/-

10 Visit Card
1 Hour each visit Rs.1750/-
Upto 2 hours each Visit Rs.2500/-

Membership: (each visit is upto 2 hours)
3 Months : Rs.4000/- (40 visits)
6 Months: Rs.5000/- (80 visits)
1 Year: Rs.7000/- (160 Visits)
✓ Badminton✓ Basketball✓ Bouncer✓ Boxing✓ Cricket✓ Climbing nets✓ Hula Hooping✓ Imaginative Playarea✓ Kiddie Rides✓ Play Gym / Maze✓ Pogo Jumping✓ Rock Climbing✓ Rope Course✓ Soft Pay Area✓ Swings/Slides✓ Trampoline✓ Tree Deck✓ Tree-House✓ Tyre Swings✓ Unicycles✓ Wall Climbing✓ Zip-line
Bonus Features
✓ Wi-fi✓ Cafe✓ CCTV

PlayGym, Kothanur as a Party Venue

Area (Sq Feet)
4000 sq.ft
100 approx.
Type of Venue
✓ Indoor✓ Playarea

2-hour @ Rs.350/- per child

3-hour @ Rs.450/- per child

Cost of additional time
Prorated depending on number of kids
Minimum requirement for bookings

Minimum of 10 kids is required.

Time slots for parties
Any 2-hour or 3-hour slot

PlayGym will help with basic decoration, Hosts can do their own or work with a third party.


There is a cafe with an extensive meal/snack options.

Music system will be provided, customers can bring their own music.
Not available
Kid-friendly furniture
Kid-friendly furniture is available.