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If you’re worried about admission to Grade 1 for your preschool/ Montessori-educated child, this article will dispel those fears.

Montessori and preschool education in Bangalore is evolving rapidly, with new pedagogies emerging and parents investing more in a pre-primary education that will ensure a good foundation. Preschool teachers, for instance, can actually take time to understand a child and see if he or she will fit into a specific classroom set up.

One of the caveats of a preschool education would seem that admission in Grade 1 would be difficult. Many parents assume that children who come from a Montessori or a Reggio background will find it difficult to fit into the chalk-and-talk routine of a regular school but many children from these backgrounds go on to do very well in mainstream set-ups because of the foundation that they have received and the confidence and curiosity for learning that they bring with them.

Many Preschools and Montessoris in Bangalore are establishing tie-ups with bigger schools. In most cases, these schools with tie-ups are part of the Preschool or Montessori’s method of facilitating admission for higher grades. Here’s how tie-ups work and what you should know about them.

Tie-ups are different from feeder schools

Feeder schools are completely different. These are schools whose children automatically go to the big school and are mostly run by the same management. For instance, Trio Tots is a feeder school for Trio World School and Vidya Niketan Montessori is a feeder school for Legacy School.

Preschools and Montessori schools are established individually and then seek tie-ups with big schools, especially when they have achieved a certain credibility and standing within the educational and parent community in their area.

1. Look for clarity, options and transparency

  • Formal tie-ups usually span a few years and this is indicated in the Memorandum of Understanding that the preschool signs with the school. Request to see this, if possible.
  • Look at transparency from the preschool or Montessori.
  • Tie-ups vary with the same preschool across different locations – some branches may have tie-ups, others may not. * Many preschools have tie-ups with schools that don’t guarantee admissions in writing but it is rare for a child to be refused admission from these preschools.

2. This applies to admissions in grade 1

Preschools that have tie-ups only guarantee or facilitate admissions for Grade 1 in a school. This means that the child should continue till age 6 in the preschool or Montessori, a good move and an advantage for your child, as he or she will get the full advantage of a focussed preschool or Montessori Education.

3. Transitioning options

Many schools help the child in transitioning to a mainstream school and counselling on admissions is just part of this process. Floretz Montessori has tie-ups with Sherwood, Mount Litera Zee, Oakridge, Harvest and Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir and calls this process ‘bridging.’ Parents can consult with preschools or Montessori about these options but remember that the founder or the directress knows best when it comes to your child because they have observed him or her.

4. Choose a school that offers a good foundation

Invariably, a preschool’s good work earns the recognition of schools in and around the area. What is important is that the preschool or Montessori lays a good foundation for your child and instils confidence and a sense of wonder. Everything else will fall into place.

Instruction need not be hurried and a child can be taught at a relatively calmer pace. According to Asma Jamal, Founder of Pitter Patter Playschool, preschool teachers can actually read a child’s personality to understand the kind of school he or she will find a good fit.

“We help with admissions for parents in many schools in Koramangala and we also have tie-ups with many well-known schools in the city. Schools in our neighbourhood have become familiar with our preschool because of how many children apply every year.”

Tie-up arrangements vary from school to school

Most schools that BuzzingBubs spoke to have guaranteed admissions for children in the 1st standard. I Play I Learn in HSR Layout has entered into tie-ups with schools in the area and admissions are guaranteed for first standard.

Says Ryan Chaddha, co-founder of Jigyasa The School, “We have arrangements with Greenwood High, Candor and ICE. If we would require admissions during a specific academic year, we need to inform in advance, by December, if it is for the next academic year. Candor and ICE have given it to us in writing that we are a specialized feeder school for these schools.”

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