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Paw’s Summer Fiesta 3.0

Paw’s Summer Fiesta 3.0

Cubby Tales brings to you Paw’s Summer Fiesta 3.0. The camp is  an amalgamation of multiple activities like Art n Craft, Little Chefs, Introduction to Yoga & Aerobics, Retro games, Music and Dance, Exercises and Stretches, Table manners, Nature Exploration and Care, Role Plays and Experiences; and a lot more. Making use of the multiple indoor and outdoor spaces and the host of activities, your child will have tonnes of fond memories to take back.


  • Junior: Age 2 – 4 yrs
  • Senior: Age 4 – 7 yrs
  • Extended: 3 – 10 yrs
  • Camping Daycare: 2 – 7 yrs

Activities Planned For The Camp

  • Creativity : Multiple Art & Craft Activities to develop your child’s imagination, expression and creativity.
  • Food & Nutrition: Little ones will be introduced to the concept of cold cooking and also learn table manners.
  • Music & Dance: Co-ordinations mind and body along with grooving to some good music
  • Yoga & Fitness: For a healthy mind and body and improved overall fitness.
  • Language & Expression: Use of puppets, props and also pretend plays to trigger the innovative and expressive minds.
  • Play-Way Exploration: Umpteen competitive modern and traditional games for children to develop skills in the most interesting and sporty way.
  • Life Skills & Values: Introduction to discipline, compassion, balance routine, respect for others and good behavior.

Camp Theme Highlights

  • Nature : The theme supports creativity and problem solving. Children are introduced to a lot of DIY crafts, Nature painting, Nature craft, Taking care of their garden, Eco System, Waste Management, and the 3 Rs; Reuse-Reduce-Recycle.
  • Space & Science: Children will be conducting small science experiments and will get a feel of the laboratory set up. They will also be introduced to different planets and other space objects.
  • Know Our Country: All about the Tri-Colour Flag, National Anthem, Game, Bird, Fruit, and Emblem, Diverse Cultures, clubbed with some fun activities and patriotic songs.
  • Wonders Of The World: A week dedicated to the 7 wonders and their history clubbed with activities and fun filled games.
  • Flash Back: Introducing activities like origami, Flower arrangement/Rangoli, games like hopscotch, kho- kho, tug of war, musical chair, tisket-tasket, Fire on the mountain and so much more. Nostalgic indeed!
  • Role Play: Children will enact out and enjoy in a setup like the Beach, Farmer’s Market, A Railway Station/Airport setup, Little Chefs and others.