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PAW’S Summer Camp Fiesta 5.0

PAW’S Summer Camp Fiesta 5.0

Paw’s Summer Camp Fiesta 5.0 at Cubby Tales is an amalgamation of multiple activities like Art n Craft, Little Chefs, Introduction to Yoga & Aerobics, Retro games, Music and Dance, Exercises and Stretches, Table manners, Nature Exploration and Care, Role Plays and Experiences; and a lot more.

Making use of the multiple indoor and outdoor spaces and the host of activities, your child will have tonnes of fond memories to take back!!!

Juniors Camp: 2 – 4 yrs

Seniors Camp: 5 – 7 yrs

Camp Highlights

“They are not Messy, They are Creative!!!”
Giving children an opportunity to explore their creative side, working on the imagination, expression and creativity of our little ones, the Camp offers multiple Art & Craft Activities with Take-Homes to flaunt.

Food & Nutrition
Little Ones are introduced to the concept of Cold Cooking, understanding of ingredients, concept of taste, smell, texture & presentation. Healthy eating habits and table manners along with some interesting table decors are all a part of the camp.

Nature Love
It’s all about creativity and problem solving. Children are introduced to DIY crafts, Nature painting, Nature craft, Taking care of their garden, Save Water, Water Harvesting, Eco System, Waste Management, and the 3 Rs; Reuse-Reduce-Recycle.

Music & Dance
As much fun it is to groove to the favourite music numbers, the benefits are galore. Working on the social, emotional, intellectual, language, motor skills, helping body & mind to work in coordination, dance and music is a major part of the Camp.

Yoga & Fitness
A Healthy Mind lives in a Fit Body; No wonder Yoga and Kinaesthetic Activities form an integral part of Paw’s Camp. Introduction to Yogic Postures and Mind Exercises, Balance Walk, Relay Race, PT Workouts and many other fitness activities to keep those tiny muscles active.

Language & Expression
Rapid growth occurs in Language Centers of the brain during Early Childhood Years. Fun and Moral Value Stories made interesting with the use of puppets and books, also encouraging children to express and open up. Pretend and Role Plays are conducted to trigger the innovative and expressive minds.

Play-Way Exploration
Play allows children to use their creativity while developing their imagination, physical, cognitive and
emotional strength. Play is the fun route to healthy brain development. Umpteen competitive modern and traditional games for children to develop skills in the most interesting and sporty way.

Life Skills & Values
“Skilled to Handle Life” is the moto we follow at Cubby Tales. Each activity and theme is a novel combination of life skills values and morals laying the foundation for children to learn and imbibe simple life skills like discipline, compassion, balance routine, respect for others and good behaviour.


To register or for more details call at +91-9611968000