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Papagoya Kindergarten

About Papagoya Kindergarten

Papagoya is India’s first Norwegian Kindergarten in Bangalore that offers a full-day, play-based learning program to toddlers from age 1 to 6 years. Papagoya Kindergarten believes in safeguarding the children’s need for care and play, while creating an environment that nurtures children’s’ curiosity, creativity and desire to learn. In today’s changing world where information remains easily accessible, Papagoya believes in focusing on the skills and tools that children need to become independent, confident, secure and gentle little people. Their full-day learning environment allows for gradual learning at the individual child’s pace, suited to their natural ability, rhythm and interest. Papagoya is an alternative pre-school that embraces Scandinavian Early Childhood Education.

Type of School
Admission Details
  • Admissions are accepted through the year, however enrolments are based on availability.
  • Admissions Forms will be provided at the Papagoya Kindergarten Office after completing a tour of the premises. Parents can go to the website and make an appointment for the same.
  • Fee details are be provided with the Admission Kit. Details on fees is best explained in conjunction with the introduction tour and in person.
  • There is no interview process but parents are encouraged to come, meet the staff  and see the Papagoya Kindergarten, along with their children. Upon submission of the application form, there will be another meeting to go through the details about the Papagoya Kindergarten Protocol. However, it is important that parents are aligned with the Papagoya Philosophy and the administration take the time to discuss this together and in detail.
  • Please call  to arrange for a time to come visit the Papagoya Kindergarten. Visits/tours will be arranged outside of Kindergarten hours.
  • Papagoya has a Rolling Admission Format where toddlers are eligible as soon as they turn 1 year old. They dedicate one week to every child’s transition to the Papagoya Kindergarten and enrol smaller batches of children allowing them sufficient time to socialise and get used to a larger group. Admission Cut off Dates are as follows:
    Feb/Mar – 18th January 2017
    June/July – 18th April 2017
    Aug/Sept – 15th June 2017
    Oct/Nov – 15th August 2017
Classes & Cut-off Age
Class Age Group Timing
Pre-toddler 1 year 8:30 am to 5:00 pm
Toddler 1 year 8:30 am to 5:00 pm
Pre-K 1 year 8:30 am to 5:00 pm
  • Spacious well equipped activity spaces that the children move through the day.
  • Papagoya Kindergarten focuses heavily on Outdoor Play and have a lovely green space for toddlers to get maximum outdoor time.
  • Sand pit & playground
  • Fine arts studio/ room
  • Performing arts studio /room
  • Library and resource  room
Safety Features

CCTV surveillance  is available but for internal use. Adequate safety features are available across the premises and will be explained in detail when parents visit.

Snack options

Children get a morning snack, lunch and an afternoon snack which are organic, nutritious, vegetarian and made fresh every day. The school also provides healthy snacks for children through the day.

School Van

Transport facility is not available, however safe transportation is arranged during field trips.

After School Facilities

Papagoya organises weekend activities/workshops for children of various age groups and their parents. This is not a part of the weekday Kindergarten Curriculum but an opportunity for other children and parents to enjoy their space.