6 Amazing family adventures you must take: Get in touch with Nature

6 Amazing family adventures you must take: Get in touch with Nature Cover Image

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Looking for family activities that let you explore Nature and understand the wildlife better? Read all about this lovely camp organizer who brings a lot more to your plate.

The outdoors and Nature are fine teachers of endurance and patience. They are also important catalysts in developing crucial life skills like critical thinking, finding out-of-the- box solutions and courage to face adverse situations while kids get in touch with Nature.

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The Outback Experience does a fabulous job of introducing kids and adults to the vast and engrossing field of wildlife photography, understanding animal behaviour, bird watching, angling and trekking. When in the midst of  generous and bountiful Nature, we automatically learn to remain humble and grateful.

The Outback Experience conducts Nature & wildlife camps, photography camps, naturalist programs & angling programs during the holiday season and weekends. These programs are specifically designed and targeted at kids, teens and adults.

These activities are carried out to various places around India and the world such as the backyard of Bangalore at the Ragihalli Reserve Forest in Bannerghatta, Kabini, Coorg, Mudumalai and the Nilgiris in South India and Masai Mara & Lake Nakuru in Africa. They will be introducing many more trips to new destinations by the end of the year.

Here are just two such programmes they conduct as part of their campaign to get in touch with Nature.

Shoot fauna with your camera at Bannerghatta


Now, how many of us know about or have explored Bannerghatta beyond the famous Zoo? There’s an absolutely rich forest cover that houses some amazing flora and fauna that included a wild tiger, leopards, dholes, sloth bear, asiatic elephants and many more.

Philip Ross, the co-founder of The Outback Experience is an award winning wildlife photographer, and has a family property in the area and he’s dedicated in bringing to us rookies the rich experience of staying in the forest and capturing wildlife at amazing angles with the camera.

Sign up for one of their amazing camps to Bannerghatta such as the two-night Young Naturalist Camp for kids and teens, the two day Bird Photography Workshop for adults,the two-day fishing camp, the two day Young Photographer Workshop or the special parent-child camps for mums or dads along with kids. They also run a unique day program called Sunday-Funday too.

Get close to tigers at Kabini

As we know, Kabini is the mecca for spotting the big cats. And, the wildlife photography camps to Kabini is definitely one of the USPs of The Outback Experience. They offer economical packages in association with The Bison Resort which is considered one of the best resorts.

Not just that, the Outback mentors who accompany the participants on safaris know these forests like the back of their hand and assure all participants of some cool photography learning and a good chance of coming across a great wildlife sighting. Imagine the thrill of getting up close with the magnificent big cats of the jungle!

Doesn’t this all sound inviting and exciting? Pack your bags for a fantastic experience exclusively recommended by us. They conduct children-only camps or family camps to Kabini.

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